UFC Fighter Accidentally Shoots Self

Joe Riggs’s long, strange trip back to the UFC got even stranger this week.

The welterweight veteran found himself out of his next fight and in the hospital after shooting himself in the hand and thigh while cleaning his pistol. The UFC reports that Sean Spencer has stepped in

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This New Poll Is Going To Seriously Freak Liberals Out

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Ambassador John Bolton: Obama’s New Sanctions on Russia are “Minimal” and Will Make Putin Believe He Can Do as He Pleases – Video 7/29/14

Here is Ambassador John Bolton saying the new sanctions announced by Barack Obama on Russia today may, in some respects, do more harm than good. Bolton said the new sanctions are “minimal,” and have been talked about for weeks, and

Read more here: Freedom Lighthouse

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Benghazi Update: Trey Gowdy Gives FOX The Skinny – Kelly File

I am doubtful that anything will ever get done. Even with Gowdy leading the investigation.

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Nancy Pelosi says Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization VIDEO

Nancy Pelosi says Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization VIDEO

Just how batshit crazy is Nancy Pelosi? Now she’s claim Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization. Yes, the Hamas that kills Jews, Americans and is designated a terrorist organization by our own State Department. Watch the following video of Nancy Pelosi claiming Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization:

Read more here: Fire Andrea Mitchell!

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Fight Motion: Super Slow-Mo of Lawler vs. Brown

Watch every punch, kick, flip and knockout from Lawler vs. Brown in super slow motion.

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Back To School EBOLA – LET’S MOVE!

With the flood of unscreened third world immigrants flooding across out southern border, it is just a matter of time before our kids are forced to show up to to school in hazmat suits.

Back To School Ebola SaleMalnutrition, Common Core indoctrination, and now the possibility of life threatening diseases in our schools. Let’s move Michelle Obama! Let’s move your dumb ass husband back to Kenya before our kids are forced to crash the Canadian border for their own survival.

(WND) In fact, two U.S. health-care workers – Dr. Kent Brantly, a 32-year-old family practice physician working in Liberia with Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse and Nancy Writebol, a volunteer working out of the same facility with the relief organization SIM – have contracted the disease while working abroad.

What’s more alarming, however, are reports confirmed by the National Border Patrol Council, or NBPC, and United Nations that some of the detainees apprehended attempting to enter the U.S. illegally are from Africa – where the Ebola outbreak is thriving.

After a group of adult males from the three Asian nations was apprehended at the U.S. border over the weekend, Albert Spratte, a spokesman for Local 3307 of the NBPC, reiterated that the Rio Grande is being crossed by more than just Central Americans.

“This should be a reminder to the public that unaccompanied minors and family units are not the only ones crossing into the U.S. illegally,” Spratte told Breitbart News. “On the same day, I also witnessed 3-4 Chinese females at the processing station. The media are concentrating on the Central American families and minors, and they are not covering the fact that we are still getting people, often adult males, who are coming from other nations.”

In 2012, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime released a report confirming, “Central Americans are not the only ones being smuggled through Mexico to the United States. Irregular migrants from the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Somalia, and Ethiopia), as well as South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, India), China, and other African and Asian states are being smuggled through Central America.”

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New wave of illegal immigration protests to sweep U.S.


President Obama’s threats to unilaterally “legalize” millions of illegal aliens is drawing strong rebukes from legal analysts, political watchdogs and some members of Congress while activists say the threats could draw more people to a new wave of protests planned to start Saturday.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Obama

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Angry White Dude cuts through the crap stained Glenn Beck teddy bears and clues us in as to who is actually making up the bulk of the tsunami of illegal aliens who have crash across our Southern border.

AWD hasn’t done this in a while but thought it might be insightful as to who are the Most Wanted Criminals in Tejas. Hint: you won’t find a Brad anywhere on the list. After reading the list, you’ll be able to minor in Spanish! But everyone should be aware that these criminals really should not be blamed. They’re only doing the robbing, raping, and killing in Texas that Texans won’t do. And, as El Jeb Bush taught us, they’re only murdering, smuggling drugs and raping women and children because they love their families. That’s nice.

Illegals have killed over 2,000 Texans in the past five years and sexually assaulted over 5,000. And that is just Texas! Add up the number of lives forever altered or destroyed at the hands of violent criminals in America who shouldn’t be in the country and you’ll feel your rage rising. And all our elected politicians (not leaders!) can concentrate on is giving Amnesty!

Here’s the Top 10 in Texas. Not one brova or cracka! Man, those imported criminales really get it done! What a work ethic in committing crimes! Lots of Pee-dros here!…

Much more here

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Anderson Silva Returning to UFC, Will Fight Nick Diaz

“The Spider” is back, and his first fight is going to be pretty awesome. Anderson Silva will fight Nick Diaz in January.

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Mark Levin interviews Son of Hamas founder Mosab Hassan Yousef who says Israel is fighting for the world


Mark Levin interviewed the son of the founder of Hamas, … …Keep Reading

Source: The Right Scoop

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QUIZ: Are You An Obama Scandal Moron?

Back by request: The are you an Obama scandal moron quiz.


I do need to update it, but it still does a pretty good job of clueing in the Obama scandal dipshits and morons.

There is so much disinformation concerning Obama’s host of scandals that even political junkies can get their facts wrong. Knowing this, I spent a lot of time and effort, putting in hours of research to make sure my facts were straight and attributed to credible sources.

Just this once I broke my own rule of not helping the liberal media.

I cited liberal leaning sites, or pieces that link to liberal news networks because I want any liberal who might take this quiz to realize how misinformed they really are. I can’t do that unless I take Fox News and conservative blog ad hominem out of their arguments.

The highest IQ possible for this quiz is near genius level 140 points. Any score below 90 points will prove beyond a doubt that you are a moron in the Obama scandal department.

To make sure you don’t have time to Google each answer I am giving you just ten minutes to complete this 20 question quiz — 30 seconds on each question is plenty of time so don’t feel rushed.

Leaderboard: Are You An Obama Scandal Moron?

maximum of 140 points
Pos. Name Entered on Points Result
Table is loading
No data available

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Karma! N.Y. Times profits drop 54% in Q2

Karma! N.Y. Times profits drop 54% in Q2

New York Times saw their profits drop by 54% in Quarter 2 of 2014. The old gray lady ain’t what she used to be. Well actually, the New York Times hasn’t changed at all over the years. They’ve always had a far-left extremist progressive liberal bias. Now, that bias is

Read more here: Fire Andrea Mitchell!

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Hamas Having S€x With Goats Damit!

Bumped because it is so dang funny:

See if you can watch it without laughing.

This had me laughing so hard tears were spurting out of my eyes.

And I don’t want to hear it grammar Nazis. He made the title, and he spells it like he wants damit…


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A man with a sign

Obama Secured NRD 600 wLogo

Read more here: WND

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