Rand Paul Must Make The RINO Blog Hot Air Nervous

I have long suspected that Hot Air is a paid for tool of the establishment GOP. I can’t prove it of course, but their daily articles speak volumes as to their political leanings.

Unless it is down to the nut cutting they seldom come out and directly attack the Tea Party. They prefer to sucker folks in with a little conservative red meat and then gently nudge them away from conservatives — towards the RINO of choice.

Right now their front page has up four pieces on Rand Paul, and one of Jeb Bush. Read them all and see if you can pick out the underlying theme.

A lot of the time you can get more from the obviously planted comments than you can from the article itself…

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Obama Exposes Lois Lerner – Cartoon #IRS

Lois Lerner Something To Hide

More At Patriot Speak

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MSNBC’s Al Sharpton Shows His @ss On TV – Again!

Does anyone with an IQ over 10 take this racist dipshit serious?

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Mark Levin exposes new pro-amnesty push, says it’s time for a new Republican Party

Mark Levin Speech(The Right Scoop) Mark Levin exposes a new pro-amnesty push in the Republican Party that centers around Illinois and includes Republicans Adam Kinzinger, Aaron Schock, and former House Speaker Dennis Hastert. They are calling for a “clear path to citizenship” for illegals already here and a “fair and efficient on-ramp” for immigrants who want to come here. Of course this push is being sponsored by big business in Illinois.

After exposing this crony-Republican push for amnesty, a disgusted Mark Levin said this:

It is time for a new Republican Party, a vibrant Republican Party; the party that grew out as an anti-slavery party; an anti-segregation party; a pro-individual liberty party’ a pro-free market, private property rights, and most of all a Constitution party. It is time for that party because the existing Republican Party is nothing of the kind!

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Jeb Bush “I’m Thinking About Running for President”

He will never win the nomination, and if he does, conservatives will never vote for him. Hillary will win.

Maybe that is what the establishment GOP wants?

Read more at Moonbattery

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Preview: 2014 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Indiana

The 2014 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits kicks off in the heart of Hoosier Country on April 25th, and G&A will be providing exclusive web coverage of the newest guns, optics, suppressors, ammo and gear straight from the show floor.

Over 600 firearm industry exhibitors will congregate at the …read more

Via: Guns & Ammo

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Caught On Camera – TSA Agents Pat Down 2 Year Old Baby

Have you ever watched footage of the TSA patting down a bearded camel jock?

I didn’t think so…

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A.F.Branco on the Larry Elder Show

A.F.Branco’s appearance on the Larry Elder Show.

…read more

Via: Cartoons By A.F. Branco

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Lookin’ For Law in All the Wrong places

It is now easier to sneak into this country and stay as an “illegal immigrant”, than for an “American citizen” to feed his cattle in peace. Cartoon by A.F.Branco

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Brit Hume: Compliment to call what Al Sharpton does a ‘newscast’

It is a compliment to him him a dipshit much less a news man…

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Texas Rancher – Federal Government (BLM) Planning To Seize His Property – The Kelly File

Here we go again…

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Video – Watch Pujols Blast Number 500!!!!

He should have never left the Cards…

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Mark Steyn Hannity – Climate Change Exposed

At this point anyone who believes in “climate change” is a flat earth believing, science denying , dogmatic brainwashed saint in the church of liberal dipshittery…

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Feds Threaten to Steal Texas Land… Texas Responds

Conservative Tribune

The federal government consists of a bunch of thugs and bullies, and if you don’t believe it, here’s yet another example of how the feds are doing their best to undermine state sovereignty as much as possible.

Just weeks after the Bureau of Land Management initiated a standoff with a peaceful rancher in Nevada by bringing a militarized police force onto his ranch to confiscate his cattle and force him off the land his family has used for 140 years, the BLM is at it again, this time threatening to confiscate over 90,000 acres of land in the great state of Texas.

The BLM apparently hasn’t learned its lesson about Americans…

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Taking A Few Days Off

Sorry to hear about our friend Stilt’s loss…

Readers- In all likelihood, there won’t be any new content here until Monday the 28th. A very close friend (who was also the family physician who steered us through a very rough year in 2013) passed away unexpectedly, and neither my head nor my heart are in politics just now. …read more Via: Hope n Change Cartoons

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Thanks to The Daily Gator:

Here they are, according to a panel of blogging experts. Well, actually, the expert panel consists of me, myself, and I, but that does not change the fact that I consider THESE blogs the best going right now. So, in no certain order, here they are

The Other McCain 

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Theo Spark 

Bearing Arms 

Proof Positive 

Matt Walsh  

Maggies Notebook

The Lonely Conservative 


Pirates Cove 


I Own the World 

Doug Ross 

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Camp of the Saints 

Conservative Hideout 

Daniel Greenfield 

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Intellectual Froglegs 

Political Clown Parade 

Reaganite Republican Resistance 

The Right Scoop 

Weasel Zippers 

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot

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If You Have A Boehner Lasting Longer Than 23 Years

Boo-Hoo BOEHNERThe time is now to for this electile dysfunction to shrivel up and go away…

HT Moonbattery

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Harry Reid: “Something Will Happen” To Cliven Bundy #bundyranch

Ugliest Liberals Harry Reid

I’m sure it will Dirty Harry, you crooked bastard!

HT / The Gateway Pundit

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Cops: Teen Had Loaded Revolver In Her Vagina


Stolen weapon found during pat-down at Tennessee jail …read more

Via: The Smoking Gun

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