FOUR SOURCES NOW On Wilson Fractured Orbital Eye Socket #DarrenWilson #Ferguson #MikeBrown #HandsUp

Rush Limbaugh said on the radio a minute ago that something is going on over at CNN. He said it like something has let the air out of their Mike Brown propaganda. This might me it.


The Gateway Pundit may have the last laugh on those attacking him for reporting that Officer Wilson suffered an orbital fracture.

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Mark Levin – Cutting Off Terrorist’s Balls Is How The USSR Got Their Hostages Back 

barack-obama-golf-pose-giMark Levin told us tonight that Russia has a different way of dealing with the Islamo-Nazi terrorists. When hezbollah captured four Russians back in the eighties and started making demands that they stop bombing their strongholds, they simply ignored them and continued on with their bombing.

Vladimir Putin YoungWhen the Islamo-Nazis made the mistake of killing one of their captives, they turn it over to the KGB — of which, if I am not mistaken, Vladimir Putin was serving as Lieutenant Colonel .

Did they put out a statement saying, “that the world needs to come together?” Did they say, “that this needs to be treated like a criminal case?”  Did they run off to the golf course?

No. No. And hell no. The KGB tracked down one of the ring leader’s parents. Cut his balls off with him kicking and screaming, and then put a bullet through his head. They then put his cods in a nice neat little package and sent it to the hezbollah leaders with a note attached. Reading: You can expect a lot more of these packages if you don’t release our people immediately.

They were released a couple miles from the Moscow Kremlin the next day.

That is the way you deal with terrorists.

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MARK LEVIN: “Mr. President, get your ass off the golf course…act like a president or get the hell out!”

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H0ttest Ronda Rousey Weigh In Ever!

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What Would Dr Martin Luther King Jr Think? #Ferguson #MikeBrown #HandsUp

Via barracudabrigade

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Got Obamacare? Don’t Spend Your Tax Return Yet

creepy uncle sam obamacareIf You Have Obamacare Insurance Your Tax Refund Could Be Held Up

Obamacare is in the news again, and as usual, not for anything positive. The Washington Times reported that Americans who bought health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges may have their tax returns held up next year. The problem is that the government has to send them all a 1095A form which they have to file with their tax returns.Officials promise they will get the forms out by the January 31 deadline, but…But some tax professionals are skeptical, citing the administration’s iffy track record on being able to meet other deadlines in the massive health overhaul law.“It really strains credulity to …Keep Reading

Source: The Lonely Conservative

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CNN Vs The Gateway Pundit – Did #Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Suffer An Orbital Fracture To The Eye Socket? #MikeBrown

In defence of the Gateway Pundit:

The Gateway PunditA few days ago Jim Hoft posted that the arresting officer’s eye socket was fractured in the disputed struggle with “Big Mike” before the Ferguson shooting. On account of his blog posting, it has been repeated by Sean Hannity, Bill O’reilly as well as by countless conservative bloggers. This one included.

(The Gateway Pundit) The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.

Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.

Since then much has been made over the x-ray he used to illustrate what an orbital fracture looks like. It seems that the image Hoft posted has the University of Iowa marked out. And that the source he used “(file image)” was ambiguous.

The accusation is that he deliberately did it himself to mislead people into believing that is was an x-ray of Wilson himself. Despite the fact that Jim never once claimed that this was Wilson’s C-Scan.

Redstate [snip] Obviously, Hoft lifted this image directly, scrubbed the words “UNIV OF IOWA ETC-CT” from the bottom and inserted it into his post. To be fair, Hoft never explicitly says that the CT Scan in his post was that of the officer; however, he clearly invites the reader to draw that impression. Further, there is no convincing reason to scrub the reference to the University of Iowa other than to hide the fact that this is very obviously not a CT Scan of Officer Wilson. Playing it straight is clearly not on the agenda here. UPDATE: As you can note, the image on GatewayPundit says (file image) in text below it. Your Mileage May Vary as to whether this is a sufficient disclaimer within the context of this post that the image was not in fact a CT Scan of Darren Wilson, or whether it explains why the “Univ of Iowa” label was scrubbed from the version that appeared on Hoft’s site.

I didn’t like the accusatory tone they took against Jim here, because, it is not “obvious.”

Darren Wilson Orbital Fracture Eye socket xray X-ray

In fact it is a rush to judgement ever bit as knee jerk as what they are trying to pin on Hoft. Did they not stop to consider that maybe the pic he used as an illustration already had Iowa scratched out when he downloaded it?

Don’t try telling me that the photo can be sourced. The photo above has been on im41 for three or four days now; try to find it on Tiny-Eye or Google source search. It is not there — undoubtedly along with hundreds just like it. Those image source services only pick up a small slice of what is actually floating around on the internet.

I agree that using (file image) was confusing. I thought is was an actual C-Scan of Wilson myself. But with this too it takes a large leap of no faith to come to the conclusion that it was done with deceit in mind. I am sure that if you go back on any blog that you will find photos that the blogger overlooked sourcing – including RedState.

Update: See if you can find one accredited photo on Leon H. Wolf’s entire feed. I know I do a poor job of it here as well, but that is besides the point. I am not the one hammering Hoft for it.

You can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. You have to look at the integrity, or lack there of, that the blogger has established over a period of time. Most conservatives, including me, think Jim Hoft is as honest as they come.

Now CNN’s Don Lemon is claiming that “unequivocally” officer Darren Wilson had a swollen face but did not have a fractured eye socket.

This may be true – or not. But either way it comes down to the integrity of the sources. Not the person quoting them.

I guess we will see…


Rush Limbaugh said on the radio a minute ago that something is going on over at CNN. He said it like something has let the air out of their Mike Brown propaganda. This might me it.


The Gateway Pundit may have the last laugh on those attacking him for reporting that Officer Wilson suffered an orbital fracture.

From The Gateway Pundit

NOW THERE ARE FOUR SOURCES: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered Fractured Eye Socket (One Source To The Washington Post)

After reading the reports The Gateway Pundit confirmed from a third local source close to Wilson that Officer Darren Wilson did indeed suffer a broken eye socket.

I tweeted this out late last night before I went to bed.

This morning The Washington Post also reported that Officer Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket.

CNN really needs to be more responsible with such sensitive information.

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Mark Levin – Beheading Americans is “AN ACT OF WAR DAMMIT!”

Mark Levin once again is the mouthpiece of the American people.

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Huh? Obama’s Jimmy Carter Style Rescue Attempt Failure Was “Flawless”

Jimmy Carter Barack Obama RescueOnly in an Obama nation is an embarrassing failure a flaming success. Operation “Eagle Claw” defined Carter’s presidency. It was a reactionary mistake made from a position of American weakness brought on by progressive governance — similar to Obama’s America.

But at least it wasnt make from the golf course. And at least Carter wasn’t dumb enough to try to spin it as a victory.


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Best Challenge Ever

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Mark Levin: Mitch McConnell Is “Phony And Deceitful”

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HT Twitchy

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Poll: Obama’s “Dreamers” Uninterested In #Mikebrown Or #Ferguson #HandsUp

Pew Survey: Just 18% of Hispanics Following Ferguson Events Closely

(Breitbart) Just 18% of Hispanics are following the events in Ferguson, Missouri, closely after Michael Brown’s death, according to a Pew Research survey.

The poll, which was conducted August 14-17, found 27% of Americans are following the confrontations closely, including 25% of whites and 54% of blacks. MSNBC has given the most airtime to the protests, riots, and confrontations since last week.

The survey found that 80% of blacks “say the shooting in Ferguson raises important issues about race that merit discussion” while 47% of whites do. In addition, 65% of blacks “say the police have gone too far in responding to the shooting’s aftermath” while “whites are divided: 33% say the police have gone too far, 32% say the police response has been about right, while 35% offer no response.”

Another Pew survey found that 70% of blacks “said that blacks in their community were treated less fairly than whites in dealings with the police. In comparison, 37% of whites and 51% of Hispanics held that view.” In addition, “68% of blacks said that the court system was unfair to blacks” compare to 27% of whites and 40% of Hispanics…


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Right Blogs, Let’s Not Become Al Sharpton – #Ferguson #MikeBrown

This is not to slam any conservative bloggers (certainly not Jim Hoft), because we are certainly guilty of it here ourselves. I admit it. But the difference between us and the left is that we are self aware enough to recognize our mistakes and not repeat them. We sure don’t want to become this guy Al Sharpton:

This RedState piece received a lot of flack from conservatives — for me, it gave me pause.  He is right; we need to step back, and start doing a better job against becoming as mindless as the people in the Ferguson lynch mobs. It is too easy to get in a feeding frenzy, and not source out something you think is probably true. We will do a better job of guarding against it here moving forward.

(Red State) At the outset, we should emphasize that a tremendous amount of fog of war is still clouding our ability to know exactly what happened in Ferguson. My contention all along has been that the self-exonerating reports of police should be greeted with equal suspicion as self-exonerating reports of suspects. Two pieces of alleged evidence have come forth today and have been touted by the reflexive defenders of police as evidence that “SEE, WE KNEW THE POLICE WERE RIGHT.” The first of these is the suggestion that the officer who shot Mike Brown suffered an “orbital blowout fracture” which, if true, would prove at least that Mike Brown physically assaulted officer Darren Wilson during the course of their encounter. A google search for “orbital blowout fracture Ferguson” shows that this story has made the rounds on many conservative websites.

There are at least two good reasons to as yet doubt the veracity of this report. The first and more important is that as yet literally the only independent source of this allegation is Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, who has never been known to shy away from sensationalism in the past. In fact, there is clear and convincing evidence of sensationalism even within Hoft’s post – here is the portion of his post where he shows an MRI of an orbital bone fracture…

Keep Reading

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Rush Limbaugh On ‘Jimmy Carter Style’ Rescue Effort Of James Foley

Here is a good hint to my title pun.

Find More @

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