Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover was airbrushed

Why do people make such a big deal out of them airbrushing chicks who look like this? I really doubt that she would look too bad either way.

Yahoo Sports – The New York Daily News weighed in this week on Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, suggesting that the voluptuousness of the model has been minimized via Photoshop because — I don’t know — if there’s something the superficial male wants, it’s a model with a smaller chest? Because it’s mid-February and Upton has been linked to Mark Sanchez, we’ll inject ourselves in the debate.

I could spend I have spent three days looking at Kate Upton photographs and can unequivocally say that the cover was Photoshopped. There was no comparative analysis or examination of the contradicting shadows on Upton’s right arm or a before/after look at how the model was shot in runway shows in October vs. an Australian beach in November. I know for the simple fact that Upton is on a magazine cover and all magazine covers are Photoshopped (except Newsweek when Republicans are on the cover.) That’s the way it works…

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  1. Every image that you see in the media has been digitized and altered.  Every last one. ESPECIALLY if it is promoting something.

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