Liberals Love the Hoodie

Kevin Jackson (The Black Sphere) – I knew it wouldn’t take Obama long to see how to make the shooting of Trayvon Martin in FL a political talking point. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Is that supposed to make the death of Trayvon much more tragic?

Forget that the killing of a teenager in FL by a neighborhood watch buffoon is a tragedy, one of the many routine tragedies that shouldn’t occur in America. No, Trayvon’s death is a crisis of political proportions.

The media started the feeding frenzy, alerting Obama that the situation could be “racial,” reporting the story as: White Man Shoots Black Teen.

As it turns out the “white” man who shot the kid was actually half-white and half-Hispanic man. Funny how the media considers a half-white half-Hispanic man white, but a half-white half-black president black. Since Hispanics are technically “Caucasians,” it’s only a slight stretch. Journalistic integrity intact.

The incident was much worse however, because the teen was wearing a hoodie, making this for the Left a clear case of racial profiling… KEEP READING

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