The Tulsa Killer (Jake England’s) Father Was Murdered By A Black Man 2 Years Ago

I wonder if the killer of Jake’s dad was charged with a hate crime?

Pad Dar

There is no justifying murder. Jake England murdered 3 innocent black people. He deserves prison. But, where was the outrage for Jake Englands father, 2 years ago? England says below ‘he is gone in the head.‘ Obviously, he acted out in grief and insanity.

Jake England’s father was murdered two years ago in Tulsa by Pernell Jefferson.

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32. They were taken into custody in Tulsa. (Free Republic)

This happened under the Obama watch. We will have to investigate if his fathers murder was named a race/hate crime. Because these murders WILL be named racial/hate crimes. Things HAVE to change, or we will see more and more of this insanity. People all over are calling for the death of this man. If he gets death, its only fair if his fathers murderer gets death.

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12 Responses to The Tulsa Killer (Jake England’s) Father Was Murdered By A Black Man 2 Years Ago

  1. Grzhim says:

    Well the research on England’s dad took about 2 minutes. He was killed by a black man that ended up getting about 12 years in prison. The charges were not hate crime or murder, the charges were unlawful possession of a firearm and pointing a firearm. He got off really easy for murdering a white man.

    • Angram11 says:

      so what!! white people got away with it for a pretty long time. now the shoe is on the other foot and it doesnt feel so good huh? over 200 years it was open season on blacks down south!!  get a taste of your own medicine dude!! dont taste so good huh?

      • Marisa says:

         do u know what are u even talking about, murder and bloodshed, an eye for an eye, wow – Grzhim doesnt know much shit but dont need to stoop down to his level.

  2. Edgar says:

    Jake go to hell, I hope you burn in hell you loser. Bye lol.

  3. attamom53 says:

    ….And don’t be surprise if those Facebook messages was a ploy so that system will desensitize what those freaks did to those people and let the freaks literally  get away with murder.

    • Sally says:

      Oh, please…fake Facebook to make them look worse? Next you’ll tell me someone exchanged their pellet guns for real guns with bullets so they’d kill instead of maim. The  boy’s killer is in jail, and soon these two will be too. And this has noting to do with the President. Good Lord. It is tough to prove a hate crime. But these two appear to have gone on a rampage against another race. That is a hate crime. 

  4. attamom53 says:

    Oh, come on, now! Come on! Do those freaks in crime, Jake England and Alvin Watts, honestly believe that they are justified in shooting 5 people, including murdering 3 of them, who they did not know,  just because Jake England claimed that he did it because his father was murder by a black man.  Those people who were shot by freaks, England and Watts didn’t have anything to do with England father’s murder! What will those dimwitted jackasses think of next???!!!

  5. Pad Dar says:

    *He was 17 when his father was murdered.
    I guess his father got into a fight with this black man, and the black man murdered him, instead of a fair right.
    All of this is totally grieving to me.

    HAPPY EASTER, btw ;)

    • conservativeBC says:

      You too Pad!

    • hot chick says:

      I think its real sad for ppl to think that cuz his dad died by a black man that they might understand where he was coming from… Ppl die everyday, shit happens and bad ppl go free. But where n when was it ever ok to make other ppl grieve for there loved ones too? I lost someone by a white man in a dodge ram truck can i go shoot every white man in a ram truck around the anniversity? No… Will it make me feel better? No… Cant bring her bk from stupid drunk driving… If u c light in what he did ur just as guilty…..

  6. Pad Dar says:

    The kid went out of his mind, 41 :(

    • attamom53 says:

       Obviously. But his killing spree is not justified. Because those people who he and Watts shot in cold blood had nothing to do with England father’s murder.  And no matter how some of you all want to look at it, what England and Watts did was a hate crime. Come hell or high water, justice will prevail for what those two freaks did!

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