Obama, The Black Panthers And The Liberal Media Are Trying To Start A Race War To Get Out The Black Vote!!

Screw’em let’s call for a conservative blogger’s boycott of anything relating to race until after the election.

We are not dumb enough to fall for your crap Obama!


This is my last posting this year in on anything having to do with black on white violence, white on black violence, discrimination, reverse discrimination or anything else that has a racial undertone.

Because the more we stir the pot, the more votes Obama gets this Fall.

Here is an example of how they are purposely stirring up racial tensions.

The Black Panthers Are Calling For A Race War!

Audio Here

“On the organizing phone call for their Trayvon Martin April 9th National Day of action protest The New Black Panther Party engaged in violent, racist, hate filled speech.”

More here at the Right Scoop

More examples of what the left is trying to do:

Black Caucus Stirring  The Pot

Media Matters – Readers Of The Blog Weasel Zippers Are Racist

NBC Producer Caught Editing Tapes (race baiting)

Not To Be Aired By The Liberal Media

Nazis Taking Up Arms

HT The Daily Gator

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