New (Not CNN New) Audio Of #MichaelBrown Shooting Raises Questions #mikebrown #handsup

Sounds legit to me. I wonder if CNN will run with it also?

Just in from Ferguson a NEW New audio tape. SCOOTER VAN NEUTER with big Hairy News reports:

FERGUSON, Missouri (WNB) – A recording alleged to have been made near the site of Michael Brown’s death is raising new questions as to how many shots were actually fired at the Gentle Giant(tm).

The audio clip of a phone conversation between a Ferguson man and his girlfriend features what sounds like gunshots in the background. Police authorities claim officer Darren Wilson shot Brown six times, but if the recording is authentic the number could have possibly been greater, casting doubts on the officer’s testimony…

Listen to the audio clip here

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Obama’s Axis Of Evil – Cartoon

Obama Evil

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NEWS OF THE CENTURY! MARK LEVIN: You Are In The Middle Of A Constitutional Crisis

Find More @

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Commie Scum Russell Brand Attacks Conservatives, Praises ISIS

The best way to shut this POS up is to not go watch his movies…

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot Actor Russell Brand took to Youtube Wednesday to compare terrorist group ISIS to conservatives, eventually coming to the conclusion that conservatives in power were worse than ISIS. Brand was recording yet another video aimed at attacking Fox News when he made the statements about ISIS. He was responding to Fox host Greg Gutfeld’s comments about Brand’s racism and hypocritical comments on Ferguson. “While Russell Brand is lecturing the United States on bigotry, the deadliest form of bigotry, radical Islam…,” Gutfeld said in the clip shown before Brand cuts it off. “That’s not the deadliest form of bigotry. The deadliest forms …Keep Reading

Source: Red Alert Politics

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Rush Limbaugh: Should ESPN Suspend Itself?

More From DailyRushbo

NEWS OF THE CENTURY! MARK LEVIN: You Are In The Middle Of A Constitutional Crisis

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Former Cop: Someone Trying To Punk Them With New Gunshot Audio #MikeBrown #Ferguson #HandsUp


Both a former cop and a law enforcement analyst told CNN this morning that when they first heard the gunshot audio, their first inclination was that it was a fake and that someone was trying to punk CNN. They admit it could be true though and we’ll know soon enough when the FBI finishes authenticating it. …Video Here

Source: The Right Scoop

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IRS Scandal – “Lie & Deny” – Blackberry Was Wiped After Targeting Inquiry

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UFC Football Star Didn’t Sprain Ankles Saving Drowning Nephew – He Was Burglarizing Home

josh shaw

UFC Star Josh Shaw told university officials he sprained his ankles when he jumped from a two-story balcony to save his drowning nephew. Shaw said, “I would do it again in a heartbeat.” Now we know it was a lie. Josh Shaw was burglarizing a home when he was injured. Today he admitted his heroic rescue was all a big lie.TMZ reported: USC football player Josh Shaw admitted to USC officials that his story about heroically rescuing his nephew is a lie. In a statement, USC says … “Shaw came to USC athletic department officials this afternoon (Wednesday, Aug. 27) and admitted that he had lied …Keep Reading

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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‘Sons of Guns’ canceled after Will Hayden’s daughter accuses him of rape

Sons of Guns Will Hayden Daughter Stephanie HaydenThe Discovery Channel has canceled its hit “Sons of Guns” series after reality star Will Hayden was arrested again Wednesday for allegedly raping his daughter. Arrest documents said Mr. Hayden’s daughter accused her father of taking her virginity and orally and vaginally raping her almost daily since she was 11 years old, TMZ reported. She said she never reported it because he threatened her physically. Mr. Hayden, 44, is founder and owner of Red Jacket Firearms, the business behind the hit television series “Sons of Guns.”He was arrested two weeks ago in Louisiana on molestation charges and crimes against nature…. …Keep Reading

Source: Free Republic

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Ben Shapiro vs. Van Jones On New Audio Of Shooting, Facts Of #Ferguson Case

All the facts have not come in, but obviously Van Jones has made up his mind…

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Michelle Obama Takes Bucket Challenge – #IceBucketChallenge #BucketChallenge #ALS

Michelle Obama #bucketchallenge

Via iOwnTheWorld

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The government spent $1 million investigating “suspicious memes”

I’m a suspicious meme :)

The United States government has spent just under $1 million of federal grant money on collecting and archiving Internet memes that they believe could have some sort of political origin. The program, which expires in 2015, was first enacted in late 2011. Though the project’s main goal is to analyze and disseminate what makes something go viral, there is a specific provision that calls for the creation of an public web source where “suspicious memes” could be cataloged. “Additionally, we will create a web service open to the public for monitoring trends, bursts, and suspicious memes,” the National Science Foundation, the group …Keep Reading

Source: Rare

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#Rush Limbaugh DESTROYS CNN’s #Ferguson Mystery Audio #mikebrown #handsup


jim hoft jim hoft

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Megyn Kelly to #MikeBrown Family Attorney: Will You Accept Ruling That ‘Goes Against You’? #Ferguson #HandsUp

Why, hell no. He has convicted the man before the trial even starts. And he is wrong. The truth is that there are witnesses telling a different story as well.

There is evidence that supports both sides…

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Intact Deer Found Inside 1,000-pound Alabama Alligator (VIDEO)

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