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Organization and planning helped the liberals work together as a team to hand us our butts in 2008. Why can’t we beat them at their own game?

The good news is that things have changed since then. Concerned citizens have built amazing social networks of grass roots activists that are setting on ready. They (us) are about to launch a full scare attack on Obama.  The only problem is that this new media army has no plan.

Everyone has an idea of what we should be doing (as bloggers) to help, but my fear is that we will never be able to turn all of our guns in the same direction and fire for the most devastating effect.

This thread is an attempt at uniting the conservative blogosphere behind an easy to understand, smart, effective strategy.


Just For Conservative Bloggers News Feed

As you can see from the comments below, we have come up with an idea — we will do what the liberals do. Use a twitter hash tag.

Blogging Unreported Right News 2012 — #BURN2012

Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook is writing a blog as we speak, that will clue bloggers in on how we plan on using this tag. And Bafoon at WAZNMENTOBE  is building a small banner graphic so bloggers can let people know that they are participating.

What we intend on doing is really pretty simple.

  • When you run across a bit of very pertinent election news that could harm the Obama campaign tweet it with the hash tag.
  • Participating bloggers will be scanning Twitter from now to the election is over. If they think what you have tweeted is worthy they will blog it, with a link to wherever your source was as attributed.
  • Don’t flood the feed with bullshit — just the good stuff on Obummer
  • Happy hunting

The goal is to have four or five hundred blogs involved — big, small, or tiny — who can NASCAR draft the progs when and where it matters most.

We are trying to start a  “Conservative Bloggers Cooperative Bulletin,” that uses this #BURN2012  tag to inform a large participating group of like minded bloggers of  the most devastating anti Obama news, that could potentially harm Obama’s chances of winning the 2012 election.

You can get a tweeter hash tag reading like the one on my sidebar here.

Here is the link to Maggie’s post

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  2. BC, would you please contact me by email. I can’t find your address. Mine is maggiesnotebookatcoxdotnet. We need to talk before I put something up.

  3. Whatever hashtag we use, we need to use it to defend people like Allen West who is one of the Dems biggest targets. This is a good thing you are doing BC. I think it will work. 

    We should also continue to use #GOP #TCOT #TLOT #TeaParty #ttp #Twisters, etc. They are all good, but a new one can make a specific statement.

  4. Buffoon says:

    Let’s see if I can make sense.

    I remember in ’07 and ’08 the same thing being floated and without mentioning any names it fell flat because we aren’t herd animals striving towards a common goal like the left.  The issues crowd (yes you New Testament or Ron Paul  types) halt the effort every time.  Now that I’ve pissed half of you off…


    That’s what makes the left so successful.  Look at Daily Kos, OpenCongress, govtrack and you’ll witness the glory of the leftist machine all very, very well funded by every left wing foundation and Soros off shoot in existence.  You may not like them but you have to appreciate the organism that they are.

    Those guys are paid to do what they do and we for the most part live hand to mouth.

    I’m not soiled on the idea but can any one name one foundation or private donor that is going to pay a staff of 50 right wingers to do what the Kos does?  No.

    So, we simply use the tools the left has out there to our benefit.  Take a look at opencongress and all the tools you need to follow all of the congressional races is right there.  Take a look at Daily Kos / elections and it’s all right there.

    As for putting it all in one place, why re-create the wheel?

    I hope I didn’t make anyone mad.  I’d be open to speak with you or Maggie on the phone if you’d like.  Contact me through my sites contact page.

    • Buffoon says:

       Sorry, I forgot to mention TeaPartyPatriots.org that is already out there but without an “Elections” section.

      • nomorehopeandchange says:

        I am part of the New Testament crowd and I see no need in alienating large representation in our base.  With regard to the Ron Paul supporters, they will happily vote for Gary Johnson even though it will be a vote for Obama and Gary Johnson cannot possibly win.  Witness results of Ross Perot candidacy which was the vehicle by which Bill Clinton won the White House.  Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son) knows this and that is why he is willing to endorse Romney even though it earned him the label of traitor to his father.  We have to reach out, especially to the young Paul supporters with a promise to be kept of auditing the Federal Reserve, repealing Obamanationcare and passing a balanced budget amendment which Romney will sign when elected.  Every vote is worth pursuing with reasonable measures.  We certainly shouldn’t adopt the entire Paul platform but there are things we can do that attracted voters to him and can bring them to cast a vote for us.  Everything will be in vain however if we don’t keep the House and take back the Senate.     

    • No, thankfully we don’t herd well. That’s why I suggested a place to post information that can be used if a blogger chooses to do so.

      I don’t want to “work” at this for pay. I want nothing to do with a Kos-type operation. If we do anything at all, the greatest value in my opinion is quick, solid information about candidates, because none of us have the time to do all the research. Which Bloggers are endorsing Senate and House candidates? I can research from there and join them in that endorsement or not. 

      We are all on the same page about Obama, but there are great bloggers out there who hit it out of the park at times – I think we all fit into that mould. They find graphs and charts and get them out quickly. Even our own articles, quoting another good blog is useful. Words matter.

      The idea, in my mind, is to utilize work already done and spread it wide. 

      • Buffoon says:

        Well, count me in to help with graphics if it helps.

        Watchers of Weasels does do a pretty good job at rounding up well written articles.

        I’m sticking by my opinion that without a Kos-type operation on our side we are forever playing catch up and on the defense.

        • conservativeBC says:

          Look at my comment about the twitter hash tag…

          I am going to try and talk Maggie into posting a thread so participating blogger can go to her site a let people know they are in.

          I don’t want the hits – I want to beat Obama.

          To make it work there needs to be just one rule. No tagging a post from your own blog.


          It would work like this….

          Let’s say Maggie finds something that could really help on boobsareus.com and thinks it needs to be shared…

          She tweets it with the hash tag

          400 bloggers are scanning a certain hash tag.

          They ones that agree blog the boob are us story, as quick as they can.

          • BC, no, this is not about hits, but it is your idea. Let’s decide on a hashtag. We need other suggestions. I believe once we start this, it will go quickly. 

            What’s the hashtag? Anyone here have suggestions? For starters we have 


            We could also use more than one hashtag:

  5. nomorehopeandchange says:

    BC, what we need more than anything else in this election is education of the ignorant.  http://www.billoreilly.com/video#play   On this site click on the following video, just follow the date, right now on the second video page: 

    Watters’ World: July 4th edition

    It is alarming that people who come here as immigrants must take a test for citizenship answering some of the same questions put to those in this video.  Our education system has dumbed down future voters by ignoring actual history.  There is no honest instruction in the founding, the revolution, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or our founding fathers and their dedication to the Republic and freedom.  What little education they’ve had has been ala Michael Moore, George Soros and other anti-American beliefs.Just because someone is biologically old enough to vote does not mean they are capable of making an informed, intelligent choice.  I have more fear of these people voting than those whose ideology differs vastly from mine.  Massive numbers of the “occupy” movement were against capitalism but when queried, could not even give an adequate description of what capitalism is.  Many didn’t have any idea what the objectives of their protests were about.  And they have a vote just like those of us who care enough to read, listen, investigate and watch what is happening to this country.

  6. A commenter at my blog left this comment (question):

    Is that not what Ali Akbar is doing with his National Bloggers club? On twitter @NatlBloggers. Think they started out as primarily survivors and exposers of SWATting.

  7. A reader (I don’t think he is a blogger), had some ideas. He mentioned The Watcher of Weasels Council. That could work for us, without the contest – a homepage with links. He also said it would be a good idea to put ads on the page. I have asked him why. Here’s his comment:

    It seems like a great idea.. there are already some groups of bloggers started, such as The Watcher’s Council… and conservative bloggers did a great job getting the info out on the SWAT attacks…. so, it can be done… I’m thinking one more month, and most people will be more involved in the elections, and will be willing to start listening….it will still take some money to setup a central site, tho.. going ‘ad free’ might not be the way to do it…

    • conservativeBC says:

      Maggie after thinking about for a while, I think a hashtag would be the fastest and the best way to get something like this going.

      Come up with a hash tag.

      Clue in conservative bloggers.

      Only hash tag pertinent election changing material.

      If you run into something good, tag it.

      Bloggers make it a point to scan for the tag on twitter feed.

      If you will come up with a tag, I will be the first one to start using it.

  8. This comment about an effort already underway was left at my blog:

    Arlen Williams on July 15, 2012 at 11:07 pm (Edit)Thank you for bringing up this critical issue, Maggie!We are just getting the Sovereignty Campaign underway, to accomplish a significant part in just what you mention, focusing upon candidates in key congressional races and especially to the U.S. Senate.Let’s discuss how we can best spread the word about SovCam: http://SovCam.orgNo one else is filling this role, to focus upon America’s core, when it is being assailed – that we were created to be a Sovereign nation of Sovereign People. That is what our Declaration of Independence explains in definitive detail.We will be vetting candidates on matters of national sovereignty (such as the treasonous U.N. accords assailing us) also popular sovereignty, constitutional state sovereignty, the natural sovereignty of parenthood, church autonomy, the law enforcement supremacy of the elected Sheriff, and the other means of our People’s self governance.It is time to rekindle our burning core and reset America on its proper foundations!It’s the sovereignty, smart Citizen!

  9. BC, this in response to your comment at my place:

    Doug Ross has my post up at BB right now. As you know, they don’t stay long. While time is whizzing past (again my apologies for taking so long to get this up) here’s a suggestion:

    With or without the panel you have talked about:

    1. We go to WordPress.com and set up a place where the blogroll contains only those involved, for now, until we see what happens, and each is an administrator. We keep it neutral and powerless among us – no bosses.

    2. Maybe we use tabs: Obama, Senate, House, or maybe we keep everything on the front page – or better: we do frontpage and tabs.

    3. We put a sticky on top explaining that this is a resource site for bloggers and readers, furnishing an arsenal of information, to be used by any Conservative blogger, whether they are administrators on the site or not. We say that each individual author is responsible for their own words, that perhaps, not everyone here will agree.

    4. We post only links to our articles or news articles – no actual posts.

    I’m doing something similar in my sidebar. See Remember, Regurgitate, Rebuke.

    Maybe this or something similar will evolve into something more powerful, but at least we have a start.

    As people leave suggestions at my place, I will also post them here where the conversation is taking shape.

  10. Buffoon says:

    Seems like this has been done many times before but it didn’t garner much interest or input for the very reasons you mentioned.  It’s a good idea… lemme get my thinkin cap on.

  11. LD Jackson says:

    I am open to trying to conduct a coordinated attack against the Obama campaign. We need all the help we can get and support is somewhat tepid for Mitt Romney. There are many conservatives who are refusing to support him and that may be our undoing.

    Maggie is right, we should focus on the Senate. We can not afford to let the Democrats retain control. That priority grows even greater if Obama happens to win in November.

    • nomorehopeandchange says:

      LD & Maggie, without hesitation I agree about the Senate.  However, unless we can succeed at removing “His Royal Highness” too, he will accelerate “his rule” by circumventing the congress even more than during his first term.  Obama will do ANYTHING to finish the destruction he has started.  That’s why I think it’s imperative he nominate a young, energetic fighter for his VP. 

      Unfortunately Romney seems incapable of generating enthusiasm and passion for his campaign.  In discussions support appears lukewarm much as it was for John McCain.  I’ve even heard people say they’re not sure Romney cares whether or not he wins because he completely destroyed his opponents during the primary but refuses to define Obama with the same vigor. 

      If he’s not willing to be more aggressive and create a little more excitement I’m afraid we’re doomed to another four years.  Looking back at what Obama has done during the first four presents a scary scenario of another term where he doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected.  

      Last thought, everyone enjoys a little humor.  Romney can be a little refreshing by giving the people something to laugh about.  Serious times need an escape and a chance to forget the tension.  Not often but I have seen a bit of his humor and it’s nice.  Time to show that a bit more.         

      • conservativeBC says:

        Maybe he will pick Bachman as his running mate

        • nomorehopeandchange says:

          Well, a RINO would be the worst pick for VP and I don’t think anyone could ever bestow that title on Bachman.  She is so much needed in the Congress but if he chose to pluck her from there I’d like to see her as Secretary of the Treasury.  Somebody with her experience in tax law needs to straighten up the IRS mess.  And I never liked Ron Paul as a Presidential candidate but I think he’d be a great choice to head up the Federal Reserve, audit it and eventually abolish it.  That announcement might just help Romney to get some of the Paul supporters. 

          As for the VP choice it needs to be someone who loves this country and proudly carries the CONSERVATIVE flag, a person who can draw large enthusiastic crowds, one who isn’t afraid to speak the truth about Obama and his minions, a man/woman with a sense of urgency about the direction this country is going and where it needs to go, and a riveting speaker of the truth.  That would be a great balance to the ticket.  As for who that person is, I’ll only say this:  So far the names I’ve heard the most don’t seem to fit this bill.  Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte or Bobby Jindal probably come the closest.  However I’m not sure about their foreign policy ideas and how comfortable I’d feel with them a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

          My personal favorite would be Representative Allen West.  He is young, enthusiastic and a walking history book on foreign affairs.  He does not pander, saying what he means and meaning what he says.  That’s refreshing in a politician.  He will never be the nominee because of controversity surrounding the last days of his military career. 


          Go to the wikipedia link above and read the sections:  “Military Awards” and “Iran Interrogation Incident.”  The later will be the reason for his consideration.  Why?  The people of this country do not understand war anymore.  It is not a chess game.  The object of war is to win and winning means survival.  You cannot tie the military’s hands behind their backs with pansy tactics.  If you have intelligence that endangers your men you use all means necessary to protect them.  Unfortunately, in war, everything has become very surgical and politically correct.  You must take the position of sitting ducks until attacked.  You are not allowed to be the aggressor but are allowed (at the cost of men’s lives,) to be attacked first and at that point you can respond.  It’s a shame we seem to treat our enemies better than our own soldiers when it comes to their protections and rights.  Old saying:  “All’s fair in love and war” (John Lyly) is no longer true.  It seems our objective in war is to create a level playing field rather than to win.  War should have two main components:  Surviving and winning.  It’s about destroying our enemies, not pampering them at the cost of our own soldier’s lives.  I agree with what Lt. Col. West did given the information he had.  War is serious business and treating it otherwise has resulted in the loss of many of our troop’s lives.  Bravo to people like West who would not put the lives of men in his command in danger of ambush.  Years ago he would have been heralded as a hero but in today’s world of love not war his career was tarnished by being serious about protecting his own men and not the enemy.     

          • conservativeBC says:

            I think I agree with most everything you wrote

          • nomorehopeandchange says:

            I just read Pamela Geller’s article on Atlas Shrugs.  Perhaps I could be convinced that Bachman would be the right choice for VP.  We could use our own “Iron Lady.”  Maybe West for Secretary of Defense, someone who understands that war is not a game.  Losers not only lose the war but countless lives are unnecessarily extinguished by not playing to win.  We cannot continue to pamper the enemy resulting in our own demise. 

            Bachman would have to drop the phrase, “we need to make Obama a one-term President.”  While this is true (and catchy at first,) it was used entirely too much to be effective anymore and showed lack of imagination in slogan creation.  I heard more than one person say it was grating on their last nerve every time they heard it.   

        • BC, just my opinion here, but he will not pick Bachmann or West. We will have a moderate Republican pick, I think. There is nothing we can do about it, if it happens. We MUST get to the ball and kick it to the goal post, no matter who he chooses. 

          Donald Duck is 110% better than Biden and Romney and Donald Duck are 150% better than Obama and Biden.

          If we can get something going here for the election, we need to continue it into Romney’s time, because he will need our attacks and our reminders to keep him on track.

          • conservativeBC says:

            You are right of course; I am not getting my hopes up.

            Yep, bet Obama no matter what…

            I just have a crush on Bachmann.

            • conservativeBC says:


            • nomorehopeandchange says:

              Maggie:  “Donald Duck is 110% better than Biden and Romney and Donald Duck are 150% better than Obama and Biden.”

              BC: “I just have a crush on Bachmann.”

              Kudos and LOL on both comments!  ; )

      • nomorehopeandchange, if we hold the House and Senate Obama CANNOT continue the power grabs. They can stop him numerous ways. All it takes is back bone. He can also be impeached and convicted if we have the Senate. I believe we must have the Senate.

        There are areas where he cannot commit taxpayer dollars, but he has done so anyway. Times when his EO’s are unconstitutional. Immigration and DOMA where he has refused to follow US law. Between the Chambers, he can be stopped.

  12. BC, I’m slow but just got this up at my place, linked, of course.

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  14. Kathleen says:

    I think your idea is a lovely one. Working on getting Obama out of office should be a top five priority,

  15. Nomorehopeandchange says:

    Romney should not be in a neck and neck race for the Presidency. This election should not even be close considering what 3 1/2 years of Obama  has accomplished. Higher unemployment, higher deficits, record national debt, record home foreclosures, higher gasoline prices, record numbers on food stamps and social welfare programs, a crippling healthcare mandate that will result in more job losses and small business closings, a dead border patrol agent and hundreds of dead Mexicans, along with more loss of privacy/freedoms, a shooting at Fort Hood by an Islamic extremist that should not have happened, billions of tax dollars to companies that have employed more people overseas than here and a loss of respect around the world.

    Congressman Allen West:  He served his country with honor, he makes no apologies for the US, he is very fiscally conservative, he’s a walking history book on the American revolution and foreign affairs, (especially the Middle East and the Koran.)  As far as national security I would trust no man more if ever faced with taking over the job of the Presidency.
    Since I cannot get the hyperlink to work you may want to copy/paste these links into your browser. It will give you an idea how Allen West can think on his feet and could certainly shred Joe Biden in a debate. Of course that would not be very difficult.

    He is young, intelligent and energetic. He’s not politically correct nor does he intend to be. No pandering, just facts. He says what he means and means what he says (something this republic and Mitt Romney badly need.) People are tired of politicians who just say what they want to hear. They want and deserve honesty.

    He has been a warrior abroad and he’s a warrior here, always willing to fight for our country.  We don’t need any more pansies.  We need someone with strong conviction who will continue to serve.

    I have posted several sites below to see Allen West in action.  Note:  You may have to copy/paste the sites into your browser.  





  16. umreb78 says:

    BC…Conservative CPA blogger here and I love your idea…been there before and done this…although without alot of success…coul dyou email me at my screenname @ aol..ty

  17. Jimmy Z says:

     I have, many times, posted information on Facebook about contacting Republican representatives when they (a) do something right (Darrell Issa), or (b) do something wrong (there’s a long, long list). I really don’t think that conservatives LIKE getting politically involved. Sure, some of us do, but I have a lot of friends who hate politics, can’t stand politicians, and would rather watch a TV show than make some phone calls. So what we have to do is tap into the vast moderate right population who are not paying attention, and get them to understand that if they do NOT get involved, one day soon they are going to wake up and think, “what happened to my freedom?”

    • conservativeBC says:

       It is hard to get conservatives involved, and it is even harder to get the ones involved coordinated.

      Conservatives seem to be more of the “I will fix this myself” types. But if we could all get more on the same page I think that blogging could play an even bigger role in the up coming election.

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  19. Doug Hagin says:

    A fine idea, I have some definite opinions on things we should, and should not focus on. I would be happy to be on the panel, if nominated.

    • conservativeBC says:

       Maybe a panel would be too difficult to pull off, but I would love to use this thread as place to offer such opinions.

      I feel like a lot of bloggers are in attack mode without knowing the best place to grab hold and start biting.

      I am one of them.

  20. BC, I’ll wait to see what happens with a panel and such, but one thing we should focus on is the Senate. No matter what happens, we must have the Senate. The difficult thing about that is keeping track of those worthy of endorsement when it’s not your state. We all have readers from other states.
    I like the idea of a place to post links. I remember the days of the old Blogbursts. Maybe that’s a good way to get info out. The article goes out to a list and we all post it, assuming we don’t find it objectionable.

    Endorsing Senatorial candidates might not work for everyone all the time, but might work much of the time.

    I’ll put something up at my place.

    • conservativeBC says:

       If nothing else, this could start a discussion that could cause others to start thinking along the lines of a coordinated effort.

      But I am certainly open to better ideas.

      My goal is to beat Obama, and the more bloggers we have concentrating on that rather than getting hits, the better chance we have of succeeding.

    • mcjenny says:

       Josh Mandel in Ohio to replace Sherrod Brown!!!

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