Kate Upton, Detroit’s Version Of Jessica Simpson??

Justin Verlander, expected to have the season of his career, has been in a slump lately.  By lately, I mean all damn season.  Detroit just might be learning why.

Justin…runnnnnnn!!!  Go to the light, man!!!! (Or, you know, learn how to pitch and get laid in the same week).

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4 Responses to Kate Upton, Detroit’s Version Of Jessica Simpson??

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    I’d give up my show.

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  3. conservativeBC says:

    Verlander sure looked like his legs were tired in the All Star game. Five runs in the first inning?? Fornicating with Kate Upton could very well be leaving the man exhausted, glassy-eyed and incoherent.

    First Romo the Homo, and now Verlander.

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