Is Obama A Drunk, And Should He Be Getting Pickled On The Job?

Over at Nuking Politics, they bring up a dang good question: “Should the President of the United States drink alcohol?”

My answer is yes, if he does it in moderation. Which begs the question: Is Obama drinking in moderation?

Well do a Google Image search on “Obama drinking;” that should answer your question. The man is spending half of his time on the golf course, and the other half drunker than Cooter Brown!

I didn’t realize just how bad his problem was until I saw those hundreds of pics of him hitting the sauce.


(Nuking Politics) I bring this up, because I am kinda wondering about it after seeing yet another picture of our Commander in Chief attempting to drink what we are led to believe is an actual beer. Should the Commander in Chief, the dude with the nuclear football, ever be allowed to drink? Should there be limits on how much he can drink?

This is an honest question, and has absolutely nothing to do with Obama (since I suspect he can’t actually handle a real beer anyway). Should the guy entrusted with our strategic defense be allowed to get schnockered? Isn’t the president, technically, always on duty? Even at 3 a.m.? Read The Rest

I did my best to make sure that I posted separate occasions, but there are so many pics out there that I may have missed one or two. Click Thumbnail for bigger pic.

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One Response to Is Obama A Drunk, And Should He Be Getting Pickled On The Job?

  1. Keln says:

    Well, after looking at all of those pictures, I guess I should have said it was more about Obama. That guy drinks like a fish!

    And by fish, I mean stuttering catastrophe of a miserable failure.

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