Not in the Mood?


The DSM IV TR classifies several different disorders under “mood disorders.”  Bipolar disorder and  postpartum depression fall into this category.  So do several substance related issues such as alcoholism.  (No Shane, marriage is not in the DSM).

It’s enough to cause someone to wonder what exactly Jesse Jackson Jr. is being treated for.  And if we, the public, has the right to know.  Democrats are asking for Jackson Jr. to clarify the statement released Wednesday evening by staff members.  Rep. Steny Hoyer:

“People get sick, and when people get sick, they miss work. Everybody in America understands that.  But I think the family would be well advised to give his constituents   as much information as is appropriate.”

Is Rep. Jackson depressed?  Is he dealing with a substance abuse issue?  Or is it something far more simple?  Like the need to stay out of reach of the House Ethics Committee that found probable cause to suspect misconduct?

Ethics issues, an affair.   Maybe his constituents have the right to know what the real issue is.  But I doubt they’ll hold him accountable if it turns out to be a coward’s attempt at evading punishment.  It IS Chicago after all.


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  1. shane says:

    Do you hate all black people? Or just the married ones…

  2. Shane says:

    Do you hate all black people??? , or just the married ones?

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