Condoleezza Rice VOTED FOR OBAMA!

When asked just months before the election if she was going to vote for Obama, she flatly refused to answer the question. Why?

Because she voted for that Marxist bastard!


I didn’t mind telling people who I voted for! Did you?

After he was elected she was overcome with emotion — even swept into tears of joy! Why?

Because SHE VOTED FOR HIM, that’s why! If you are conservative you might have cried a little, but did you have tears if joy?

Herman Cain is black and he sure as hell was not sobbing in happiness.

As reported on the Huff Post:

Rice Congratulates Obama Tearfully, Says She Is “Especially Proud” Of Obama’s Win

Huffington Post — An emotional Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reveled Wednesday in Barack Obama’s election,calling it an “extraordinary step forward” for the nation.

A child of the segregated deep South who became the highest-ranking African-American woman ever in American government and was once considered a potential Republican presidential nominee, Rice called the Democratic president-elect “inspirational” and said his victory was proof of America’s promise.

“This was an exercise in American democracy of which Americans across the political spectrum are justifiably proud,” she said.

“As an African-American,I’m especially proud,” said Rice,her eyes glistening with emotion, “because this is a country that’s been through a long journey,in terms of overcoming wounds and making race” less of a factor in life. “That work is not done,but yesterday was obviously an extraordinary step forward.”

“One of the great things about representing this country is that it continues to surprise,” she told reporters at the State Department at a hastily arranged briefing just hours before leaving Washington for the Middle East on a peacemaking trip. “It continues to renew itself. It continues to beat all odds and expectations.” … Read Story

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  1. M Small says:

    Why Rice?
    We have to admit Condoleezza Rice is a very smart and worldly potential Presidential running mate.  She would certainly bring a higher level of understanding concerning international relations to the ticket.  Being black and a woman is also noteworthy but not where this campaign or country should be focused.  It is understood the Republican National Committee is trying to shore up the minority and women vote, but this selection will not help them if they lose a percentage of everyone else.  Not because Ms. Rice is this or that, but because of what she is not.
    We have several good, solid choices for Vice President, that bring the same and many more skills to the table than those of Ms. Rice.  Furthermore, she  has made it clear in the recent past of her positions concerning her pride in Obama and that she was not interested in being a GOP Presidential running mate.  She is also a political lightning rod of criticism that the GOP is only offering more of “Bush’s failed policies.” We need a ticket of capable, committed and willing participants. Why would we need any added distractions in this election of paramount importance?
    Certainly Ms. Rice’s God given attributes shouldn’t be the basis of not selecting her either.  Our decisions as to who should participate in the leadership this great nation should not be based on them being the first this or that, race, color or creed but on their proven qualifications and ability to produce the best results that we need as a People. We also truly need leaders with a real passion for the success of our country and place in the history of the world as the greatest nation ever created. We need strong leaders to guide us out of the societal and economic darkness we are in to the light.  Ronald Reagan had this strength, this passion, this love of the nation and it wasn’t something he just put on every day, it was in his DNA. Reagan and his team grew during his Presidency where the Obama administration and his dogma becomes smaller everyday as its shortcoming and lack of direction come into the light.
    Sadly,  if Rice is not ultimately selected as Romney’s running mate then racial accusations will fly to further distract from what needs to be done.  Why can’t we ever have an adult conversations in our society today without being called a racist?  This over used societal pejorative statement is of no service to anyone. People that grew up during the divisive years of segregation know this is only a distraction to keep us off balance and away from the issues that should be addressed.  If we are a nation of racist “clinging to our guns and bibles,” as some would like for us to believe, then why do we have a black President?  Do people not understand the voting black population of this country is well less than 20% and it took over 50% of the voting populace to elect the President?  I’d say that is a testimonial that we are a open minded People true to our founding principles.  Unfortunately, the county was sold a bill of goods by team Obama that could never be delivered on no matter what his color is.
    We have very real, very serious issues at all levels of our society, economy, security, sovereignty and international standing that should be at the forefront of our attention, not these political games. These past years of the Obama administration should be a good reminder the blind can’t lead the blind, but when they do it is right off the cliff. We have never in the history of this country had a more inexperienced group of self interested buffoons in Washington DC.  We need leadership with crystal clear vision, determination and the ability to save our country, return our way of life and rebuild our world standing.  We can’t endure four more years of a fraudulent administration trying to fundamentally tear this country apart at all levels of society: culturally; fiscally; religiously; and you fill in the blank. This has got to be put to an end and we need a team capable of defeating Obama.
    We need strong decisive and effective leadership, not divisive and defective leadership.  We need to be able to count on them to lead, not plunder this great nation built by strong dedicated men and women risking their very lives inspired by their belief in a greater God, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.  What great words.  So let’s chose wisely and not with our emotions or on ill-founded societal idiocy.
    Mark Small

    • Im not for your views on wanting Romney for president, but it seems that you are able to THINK for yourself and make up your own arguments. You remind me of how republicans once were. A people with as much common sense as any other party. But, even you have to admit that is a fleeting thing in the current GOP.

      With that said; you stated “We need leadership with crystal clear vision, determination and the
      ability to save our country, return our way of life and rebuild our
      world standing”.  … do you honestly believe Romney is that person, or is he a lack of alternative options?.  The healthcare law that was so successful in his state; he is fighting against it because if he doesn’t the GOP won’t back him and will try to do away with Obama thru other means. How can you trust a hand puppet to be the ‘stand up’ man to lead this nation again.

      Most of GOP didn’t want romney he was just what they were left with in the end. Ron Paul was too (fill in the blank) for them. So even for them he was a lack of options. But her you and FOX and other conservatives are propping up your default choice as if it was your first one.

      Also, what about CITIZEN UNITED? are you will to support men who thinks its a great idea that corporations and FOREIGN interest  have MORE influence in politics?. Wasn’t lack of regulation the cause the financial meltdown and  the very reason obama was elected in the first place. And now you want to support men who want to use corporate funds to influence politics once again and reverse everything that was put in place to protect us from corporations.

      This current GOP is beyond delusional and Corrupt.

      • Mike says:

        You do realize that Obamacare and Romneycare are not even close to the same thing right?

        EVEN if Jon Gruber says they are close to the same they aren’t. The reality is in the specifics and the implementation. Those two areas are so different. Not to mention it seems Liberals don’t mind stepping all over the 9th and 10th amendments in this idea that States are too stupid to do what is right or that people are too dumb to know what they should be doing simply because there are a few really stupid people out there.

        The truth is Romney had to speak out against Obamacare because it absolutely is Unconstitutional and overreaching.

        IT ignores the 9th and 10th Amendments and overreaches horribly.

  2. Questionman says:

    I was right. It’s 2012, the chance to get rid of the one thing Cancervatives hate more. A black man as President. They don’t hide they’re racism anymore! proof is in the pudding! You slimeballs should stop calling youselves patriots. you racist, bigoted, homopohibic asshole are, weren’t, and never were and example of that word. you resemebale the Ku Klux Klan of years ago!
    I’m sick and tired of you assholes calling the President a fraud! Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist!No doubt about that. all these racists, go fuck youself, you shit-sipping slimeballs. You are you assholes to play holier than thou? for the past three years you klansmans have done nothing but character Assassinated the President. You lied about his birth certificate, his religion, his family, his sexuality, etc. and you have the galls to call him a liar, yet you believe him when he saids he eats dogs and smokes weed!
    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!It’s obvious you have NO faith Romney because he chooses the high road, so his black-hating supporters resort to fear-mongering lies and smears, which is ALL they have left!
    obama is not a traitor nor a disgrace. he is not Communist, socialist, or marxist. he does not hate america.  he is not racist. he is not muslim actually he is Christian. Obama does not have full control on our country, he is not a dictator. Anyone who calls Obama a fraud and a POS is without doubt a disgusting racist, bigoted scum, and That’s a fact.
    You people are sick. Calling Obama evil because he doesn’t think or look like you. Bush doesn’t think or look like me, But never have I thought of him as evil!
    There isn’t a single sane, intelligent, rational, or reasonable person on earth who believes President Obama is gay, or that he’s a Muslim, or that he hasn’t provided his legitimate, valid, authentic, signed, sealed, and authentic birth certificate except the party of racist, bigots, extremists, homophobes, islamhpobic scum! Those jackasses are nothing but clueless, useless, worthless, and gutless lying pieces of teabagging shit. that hate having a black man as President! They are all that is wrong with America and their views don’t represent the majority of America, or even the majority of the Republican party

    • conservativeBC says:

      Bullshit — I worked my butt off trying to get Herman Cain the nomination, and he is not half white — like Obama.


      Obama lied, America died!

    •  Not all conservatives are racist; just like not all Muslims are terrorist, but there are racist conservatives and terrorist Muslims all the same. They need to admit that to themselves already. Ask, why there is not a single person of color in the TEAPARTY?.

      • john s says:

         check out this

        I will be nice and not assume that since the tea party came into existence to protest the outrageous tax payer giveaways of tarp, the gm bailout, and the potential of obama care and since you are libeling many good people that therefore you are another supporter of massive bailouts for the international banks, the auto companies, the green scam artists and the like.  and smearing the names of good people like Mia Love, Allan West, Herman Cain etc etc etc all to keep the cash going.  no i wont assume that at all.

    • john s says:

      “I was right. It’s 2012, the chance to get rid of the one thing
      Protolo-aggressives hate more. A mormon man as President. They don’t hide
      they’re bigotry anymore! proof is in the pudding! You slimeballs should
      stop calling youselves patriots. you racist, bigoted, homopohibic
      asshole are, weren’t, and never were and example of that word. you
      resemebale the Ku Klux Klan of years ago!

      Those jackasses are nothing but clueless, useless, worthless, and
      gutless lying pieces of rimjobbing progshit. that hate having a white mormon man as
      President! They are all that is wrong with America and their views
      don’t represent the majority of America, or even the majority of the Communist  party”

      or to put even more simply.  Both left and right agree that any disagreement is insane dishonest stupid and malevolent.  sometimes a form of brilliant stupidity.

      Just think the campaign hasn’t even really started yet.  Let tha anal rape accusations fly.

    • Phuck Yu says:

      You are a total idiot, bootlicking Moron.

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  4. Even Hand says:

    Amen, brother. WTF are the Republicans thinking.

    •  These ones’ don’t think at all. Its all about the dollar with these guys. And don’t get delusional. More for them, not you!. You’re just a pawn used for votes in their game, to get what ‘they’ want. If you think your getting something out of this, then I got a bridge to sell ya.

      • conservativeBC says:

         You have already bought the bridge, and they call it the hope and change bridge to nowhere. Care to compare Obama’s recovery record against that of Reagan’s?

        Thanks to the second dumbest president in U.S. history — Jimmy Carter, who is a genius compared to Obama — Reagan faced a worse economy than even today; what he did was unleash the free market, and at the end of his first term  had turned the country around. He is responsible for one of the biggest recoveries  in the history of the United States.

        Obama has failed miserably in every way. What I will get out of this, is a country that is not ruined by a Marxist dipshit.

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