Sticky: Obama Begging In Communist Red China For Campaign Donations

Obama is the King Of Pain, and the champion outsourcing. He has caused such misery with his enviro-moonbat regulations that job producing Americans have been forced overseas just to survive.

But make no mistake; he knows where the money is. Why else would he be begging Americans in Red China for campaign contributions?

Here is the ordinal link on Obama Victory Fund 2012 website, and here is the screen shot in case they try to take it down.

I hope Romney catches wind of this!

HT Doug Ross

Update: Thanks Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit for the link…

Which led to this:

Who said little bloggers can’t make a difference?

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38 Responses to Sticky: Obama Begging In Communist Red China For Campaign Donations

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  2. DockyWocky says:

    With Obama at the wheel, one cannot help but be highly suspicious  of any supposedly American presidential candidate foraging for money in foreign countries -especially a presidential candidate with such a all encompassing veil of secrecy pathologically hiding even matters of minor importance.
    Foreigners, especially Asian foreigners, are obviously shoveling campaign cash to Obama in spite of the illegality of their actions. Obama is, true to form, taking the cash after only minimal attempts to launder it through Hollywood hacks.
    In the future, a completely independent Attorney General must be free to go after whomever is in the driver’s seat. This appointing hacks that are pals of the chief executive is almost criminal even n the best of circumstances and it has to stop.

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  5. Tom Clampitt says:

    Um…Isn’t it illegal to rais money overseas for American campaigns…I can’t think of another president who has done this.

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  7. conservativeBC says:

    Mox Nix again — damn you don’t give up easy.

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  10. American in Shanghai says:

    As a conservative American living and working in Shanghai, I sincerely hope Romney does “catch wind of this” and comes outs to visit as well.

    Are expats second-class citizens?  We still vote in our home-states, but we’re so dispersed that our interests are not really “represented” by anyone in Washington.  The IRS rules for expats are already ridiculous and getting worse every year.  Google “FBAR” for a sample.

    We’re American citizens with the right to vote and the right to contribute to campaigns.  If there’s a city with a sizeable enough concentration of Americans to justify a visit, why shouldn’t a candidate pay us a call?

    Is the suggestion that expats shouldn’t have the right to vote or contribute?  Or is that Americans living in Shanghai are less patriotic than those living in London?

    Please explain why this is an “issue” rather than simply the lowest form of xenophobia.  “China” = bad, even if it’s hardworking Americans working for American companies there?

    • conservativeBC says:

      He has been attacking Romney for outsourcing jobs.

      Do you not think that it is ironic that Obama’s failed economic policies have driven so much American industry overseas, that he has to put forth such an effort to get campaign contributions from outsourced companies?

      Four more years of Obama, and domestic fundraisers will be a thing of the past.

      • American in Shanghai says:

         Come on, you know this is hyperbole….

        I’ve been living overseas since Obama was a senator and it wasn’t a poor economy at home that “drove me away” but opportunities overseas (that and having already invested years into learning Chinese).

        Don’t fall into the same protectionist trap the Dems are trying to set with the Bain outsourcing nonsense.  Global trade is nothing new and it’s not something bad.

        Sure, maybe there’s a bit of “irony” in it given the recent outsourcing discussion, but don’t suggest that visiting Americans overseas to solicit our votes and money is wrong or illegal.  If you do so, you’re buying into their protectionist set of assumptions.

        Outsourcing is good when it’s profitable and allows lower prices for consumers at home or profits for the companies engaged (which wind up in your pension fund or 401k).  Likewise, soliciting the votes and donations of American citizens abroad is a good thing especially when we are usually ignored.  Romney should be doing this as well and in fact, I’m sure he will do some overseas stops before election day.  If/when he visits Shanghai, don’t be caught back-pedaling on what you said today.

        Incidentally, quite a few countries have representatives in their lower house elected by and specifically representing overseas citizens, with number of seats proportional to the population living abroad.  Something that might be worth considering on principle, though I fear at the moment it would be a solid D ‘district’…

        I don’t usually engage in “comment wars” but this one pressed some buttons…  hopefully doesn’t turn into the typical Youtube-level of discourse.

        • conservativeBC says:

          What is hyperbole, is you pretending you are not a glazed eyed Obama zombie…

          Do you know how many hits this blog has received from Shanghai or even China today?


          • American in Shanghai (VPN off) says:

            Anyone in China needs to use a VPN to get around the “Great Firewall” and use sites like blogspot, facebook, twitter…



            Nearly every expat here pays for a VPN  which routes all your traffic through somewhere overseas.  I have had my VPN turned on all morning

            Thanks for the block.  Seriously, if we can’t stay civil within the conservative movement how do we expect to win?

            • conservativeBC says:

              You are in over your head. I can see your IP address, and have you narrowed down to a lightly populated area of about five miles.

              Now if I want to know who you are, all I will have to do is ask around for a fat, middle aged, Coke-bottled-assed, loser living in their mom’s basement.

              Blocked again — eventually you will run out of cell phones and relative’s computers.

          • Another American in Shanghai says:

            I doubt you’ll believe this but…
            I am another American living in Shanghai. I was sent this article by my very conservative friend letting me know Obama was coming to town because I am a “glazed eyed Obama zombie”. I then read these comments and went to ask my friend if he was the poster (he was). 

            The poster above is about as opposite an “Obama zombie” as you can get. He’s also an incredibly intelligent person who I take great pleasure in debating on many, many issues because we agree on almost nothing. I think you would do well to take his comments into consideration and realize that in quite a few ways you do look like a complete xenophobic idiot. 

            Was it really necessary to put “Communist” and “Red” in the title of your post? Does every article you write about the US say “Representative Federalist Democracy Stars and Stripes USA”? Seeing that I hope you can understand how ridiculous you sound saying the things you do. Of course, I know (and you do too) that you’re really doing it to raise blood pressure and fear in your readers (OMG, dem Chai-naize are cumin’!) but have some respect. I can probably list many more problems with the Chinese government than you, including the Communist party (and I’m a liberal!), but I don’t need to call the country “Communist China” every time I talk about it. Also, did you know they eat with sticks here instead of a fork?! Such savages! Make sure you include that in your next post about China.

            I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you have never spent a significant period of time living abroad. By that I mean having signed a minimum 1 year lease for somewhere overseas, and as much respect as I have for the military, being posted overseas doesn’t count. We are all still Americans and while most of us are probably “Obama zombies” I can promise you we aren’t all that way. Of my 10 or so American friends here in Shanghai that come immediately to mind (I’ve been here 4 years) you’re right that most are liberal, but there are at least 3 of them that are decidedly not. They vote Republican, listen to Rush Limbaugh and make me want to punch them in the face when we talk politics (in a good way). 

            In summary: grow up and get your head out of your ass.

            [On a technical note: you'll see my traffic coming from the UK, because my company routes our traffic through there, but I pinky-promise I'm sitting in an office in downtown Shanghai.]

        • gofer1 says:

          What’s so special about people working in other countries?  TV and internet is available. You know Obama’s policies as well as the rest of us.  There is no reason to pander to anyone.   He has constantly condemned outsourcing.  Does “soliciting” your vote change who Obama is and his destructive policies? 

          If you don’t have to live and work in this country and put up with the miserable policies, then you shouldn’t vote, unless you are just temporarily assigned there.  He hasn’t been to my state and didn’t even address the NAACP, because there was NO money there. He goes where the money is and doesn’t give a damn about anybody’s plights.

    • Robert T says:

      Yes, china does = “Bad”.  And any so-called american working there is an especially loathsome individual.  It’s not about overseas trade at all.  Free trade is fine.  Free trade with free countries only.

  11. SEHaase says:

     Just another reason why a vote for BHO could be considered an act of treason

  12. Lester Liberalmann says:

    Wow, what a lying sleaze bag you are.

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  15. Mia says:

    Well done, BC!  

  16. Tim Crowley says:

    Please take an English class. 

    • conservativeBC says:

      Care to clarify on my blazing grammatical error, or do you cruse conservative websites  spewing ad hominem, trying to defend the failure-n-chief ?

      Let us look: You do know you capitalize the first letter in a sentence?


      Here are three separate conservative sites that you have trolled just in the last two hours.

      2 hours ago
      You lied and you name called. The rabid right, at it’s best.

      2 hours ago
      The rabid right – when all else fails – lie, lie and then lie some more.

      2 hours ago

      if you were a business owner, you’d know exactly what he’s speaking about. Once again, The President speaks the truth and the rabid right reacts with hate and bad spelling.

  17. Tioedong says:

    Presumably, only US citizens will donate this. Right. Wonder if someone will check if a penniless student suddenly decides to donate a hundred thousand dollars?

    and if the Chinese illegally fund this (by a third party who is a citizen), does that mean he will continue to tell the Philippines that it’s okay if China invades our territory, that we need to deal with it ourselves?

    • Wanabear says:

       Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, will visit Israel this summer to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders. while…

      George Clooney will raise money from Swiss bankers and Chinese Property Developers for Obama…


  18. FFlintstone says:

    Nice work! It’s great that bloggers can break stories like this, but it’s even sadder that they have to. ABC,NBC, CBS, and the NYTs wouldnt break this story even if they had the information because it hurts their political candidate.

    I can’t wait for the day when bloggers, citizen journalists, and Roku put the mainstream media out of business.

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  25. Mike says:

    Sickening stuff….I hate Obama hates the rich? Why is he taking money from them? What a liar.

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