It’s Sunday. Guess Where Your President Is?

It’s nice to see President Obama take time out of screwing the nation by relaxing a little.

(CNN) – President Barack Obama returned to Virginia for the third time in as many days Sunday.

But unlike his campaign visits on Friday and Saturday, his most recent visit to the battleground state was a golf outing.

The president hit the links at Fort Belvoir, and the White House said he was joined by his regular partner Marvin Nicholson, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and his senior adviser David Plouffe.

On Friday, Obama campaigned in Virginia Beach, Hampton and Roanoke, and on Saturday, his campaign events were in Glen Allen and Clifton, Virginia.

Virginia is one of seven toss-up battleground states on the CNN Electoral Map.

Obama hit his 100th round of golf as president on Father’s Day this year.

– CNN’s Gregory Wallace and Kevin Liptak contributed to this report

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4 Responses to It’s Sunday. Guess Where Your President Is?

  1. mbake says:

    A U.S. president who grew up hating the U.S., now doing everything possible to destroy her from within and lying about everything that he can’t just hide behind an executive priveledge or Chigago-style threats and it’s wrong to criticize him? Questionman, your whining says a lot more about you than you realize. 

  2. Questionman says:

    he has faced constant, unrelenting, mean-spirited, dishonest criticism since before he took office and every day since. His patriotism has been questioned by every member of the right wing echo chamber especially FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh, every single day he has served. He has been called a socialist, communist, Nazi, Marxist, traitor, foreign, un-American, liar, magic negro, halfrican and worse. He has suffered innumerable lies about his ideology, religion, family and even his place of birth. No other president in the history of this country has faced such unfounded open hostility and disrespect. No other president has ever been called a liar by a member of congress during a State of the Union, no other president has had to show his birth certificate…repeatedly.

    You said Obama acts like a dictator. If you think that, then you don’t know what a dictator is. Obama has trouble doing anything, because Republicans in Congress try to block literally everything he wants.
    And I don’t see how he is so full of himself, especially any more than any other politician. All politicians have big egos. Romney seems even more full of himself.
    Obama, destroy America??? He has spent his last 3 years in office trying to save America! It’s the do nothing repubs who are destroying America!Of course Obama is NOT a communist. He is an elected leader of a politically democratic republic. He is constrained in policies he would like to implement by a Congress and a vigorous Republican opposition.

    • conservativeBC says:

       You forgot moonbat, dipshit and moron…

    • Mia says:

       Calm down, cupcake.  Presidents consistently face “unfounded open hostility and disrespect.”  It comes with the job.  You can’t please everyone.  I think any person that decides to become president can take the heat.  They also must have egos the size of Texas.  Also part of the job. 

      As for republicans opposing him?  Well, DUH!  Do you think they would support his policies???  (Except, of course, the ones he opposed under Bush but has adopted over the last 3 years.  It must hurt liberals to face that kind of reality.  Gitmo, anyone)?  Apparently I DO need to remind you for the first two years Obama was in office he did, in fact, have a super majority.  And he still couldn’t get shit done.  You can hardly blame republicans for that kind of failure.

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