Senator Murray Joins Obama on Planet Jackass

Maybe I’m just not as smart as I’d like to think.  Perhaps our readers can better gauge my intelligence.  Someone explain to me how Sen. Patty Murray and her threats make ANY sense.

Letting cuts expire, taking more from peoples’ paychecks, and hitting people in the wallet to convince them you want to lower their taxes?  Is she on the same planet as Mr. Obama this week?

It reminds me of another traditionally liberal tactic.  Rioting your own neighborhood to protest “the man.”  The problem is, the raping and pillaging in this case involves the entire country.


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2 Responses to Senator Murray Joins Obama on Planet Jackass

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    There is nothing that can explain the stupidity of these libtards and statsits.

    Mia, you and BC get it 100%!

    Those who voted for the POS mussie in the White House and are willing to do so again are sadly what is wrong with our country, not to mention out of touch Rinos, JINOS and those stupid white people who are part of the ‘reverse plantation syndrome.’

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