‘You Didn’t Lose Your Job. Somebody Else Made That Happen.’

I don’t link McCain much, mostly because I think he is a queer. A normal man is just not capable such effeminate snark.

Take a look at his headline. It is just so utterly spot on, so ironically accurate, so gay.

When the left reads it, they will rendered incapable of typing a response . Like the token slow thinking sitcom straight guy when being outwitted by the clever TV homosexual, they will be dumb struck.

(The Other McCain) And by “somebody else,” I mean, Barack Hussein Obama:

(Don’t know) U.S. jobless claims jumped 34,000 to 386,000 last week, the government reported Thursday, reflecting typical summertime fluctuations in auto-industry employment. Applications for unemployment benefits are now back to somewhat elevated levels after falling two weeks ago to a four-year low, suggesting the labor market remains sluggish. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had forecast claims would rise to a seasonally adjusted 365,000 in the week ended July 14. The level of claims is a rough gauge of whether layoffs are rising or falling. Claims in the prior week were revised up to 352,000 from 350,000…

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Stacy is a closet queer, if not he missed a great opportunity. Because, besides being quick, witty and festive, he is also a social snob. Kinda the Perez Hilton type, in that he just won’t talk any old person.

I reached out with a friendly hello a couple times, and he totally blew me off. But that’s OK. I know they deal with insecurities with male interaction. I know they deal with self loathing. It is OK.

So since his is too insecure to talk, a simple gesture like putting 41 on his blogroll would say a lot. Until then one will just have to speculate.


Since you are going to keep high-hat’en me, I have been forced to resort to Chicago style politics.

You either put me on your blogroll, answer an email, or hell just like a comment in your comment box,  or I am going to keep calling you a queer :)

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8 Responses to ‘You Didn’t Lose Your Job. Somebody Else Made That Happen.’

  1. Dai Alanye says:

    “…high-hat’en me, I have been forced to result to…”

    Howsabout, “…high-HATTING me, I have been forced to RESORT to…”

    Who’s your editor, fella?

    • conservativeBC says:

      lol – I started to put hatting, but that is not how we say it around here; it just sounds too queer.

      When you are leaving the English language and going for local pronunciation, you can pretty much spell it how ever you want.


      You can take the actual definition of the word above, or how it was intended. They both apply unless you are a women. If so, then use the definition.

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