NBC and CBS Fire News Producers Including Katie Couric’s

America is a center right nation. When you are trying to keep and maintain an audience with a center left slant, you are not going to make it.

That is why you are here relying on blogs like this for the news.

(Outside The Beltway) CBS News has fired Katie Couric’s producer, joining NBC who last week fired their evening news producer. Somehow, I don’t think the producers are the problem.

The bottom line is that the audiences for all three nightly newscasts are getting grayer, with few young people getting hooked on the habit of setting down with their favorite anchor for 30 minutes every evening. Most daily newspapers are also experience huge drops in circulation.

We’ve gotten used to 24/7 news coverage. CNN started the trend more than 20 years ago and has spawned several clones. In recent years, the proliferation of news and commentary on the Internet has added to this trend. Most of us who want news want it now, if not sooner… Keep Reading

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