Buzz Links #burn2012 7/20/2012

  • James Holmes NOT TEA Party Member – ABC Brian Ross Apologizes, Finally – Imbeciles | Maggie’s Note..
  • Erica Groshen Far-Left Obama Nominee for Bureau of Labor Statistics Head: Former Union Shop Stewar..
  • Obama faces Capitol Hill revolt after gutting welfare reform work requirements
  • Was Eric Holder One of the Defense Lawyers Who Got Suicide Bomber Mehdi Ghezali Released From Gitmo?
  • Ryan Zinke Former Navy Seal Goes After Obama: Veterans are “Outraged” at Obama | Maggie’s Notebook
  • Romney Pulls Ahead In Latest National Poll, Number Of Americans Blaming Obama For Poor Economy Jumps To 64%…
  • Alert: Liberals Use Colorado Shooting To Go After Your Guns

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