Bozell Embarrasses Stephanopoulos And Ross: “Did you know James Holmes gave money to Barack Obama?”

Yea, I included Stephanopoulos. You can’t give him a break on this, because as Mark Levin pointed out yesterday, “Stephanopoulos knew what Ross was going to ask, he set him up by saying, “Did you have some additional disturbing information you want to share?”” Or words to that effect.

The point is that that Stephanopoulos was totally in on it, and should face whatever — if any — reprimand Ross receives.

You can contact ABC World News Tonight and demand that BOTH of them be fired!

Back to Bozell, you will have to click the link to read the story in it’s entirety to get the full context.

(American Spectator) Did you know James Holmes gave money to Barack Obama?

It’s true. And I knew this yesterday morning.

Why didn’t I write this up for The American Spectator to publish as a blog post — on the spot?

For one very simple, very elemental reason.

In the first flush of the carnage in Colorado yesterday morning, when the shooter’s name had made it to the airwaves but not much else about him, everybody with a computer and a phone was scouring all manner of Internet sites to find out about James Holmes.

In my case I found that James Holmes was on the Federal Election Commission rolls as an Obama contributor. The problem? I had absolutely no idea whether this was the same James Holmes who was the Colorado movie murderer — and with good reason. “James Holmes” or “Jim Holmes” are not exactly odd names in America. Indeed, the FEC had dozens of “James Holmes” on its contributor lists — as did all manner of other sites have the same two names. In fact, there were several James Holmes or Jim Holmes on social sites listed as living in or around Aurora, Colorado or what we had learned was his family home — San Diego, California. In the latter case, there was a Jim Holmes who professed himself to be a “lefty.” With enough persistence one could learn their ages and place of residence. That Jim Holmes in the San Diego area was long over 24.

The James Holmes who was an Obama contributor was from an East Coast state — and there was not a shred of proof that I could find that he was the James Holmes who was by then the subject of intense scrutiny.


So I never wrote him up. James Holmes and his connection to President Obama never made it to The American Spectator. Good thing — because if I had done that I would have looked like an idiot, and deservedly so… Keep Reading

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  1. kudos for setting a good example & maintaining journalistic standards

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