Inmates Plotting To Kill ‘Dark Knight’ Shooter: “He Won’t Live To See Monday Court Date”

It looks like the joke is on you now — Holmes!

(The Inquisitr) James “The Joker” Holmes isn’t making any friends in prison as one of the worst mass-murderers in American history. A recently-released inmate alleges that the once meek and quiet grad student is incredibly violent and erratic now that he’s behind bars, and that the other inmates are talking about putting him down.

Despite in-depth reports suggesting that Holmes was mild-mannered and completely off anyone’s radar, something has apparently snapped inside the grad school dropout’s mind, as his behavior in prison is completely contrary to the assessment provided by those who had interacted with him prior to the Aurora shootings. Though he reportedly calmly complied with his arrest, his behavior in the big house is another story. Just one day after his murderous rampage at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, reports have his behavior showing increasing instability… Read more

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