Jacksonville, FL Mayor (Dem) Snubs Obama: Conservative Sign Waving Locals Take His Place

For the liberals, Obama has become like the butter-face girl the cool guys “dated” on the sly in high school. They all really loved her, as long as they didn’t go out in public.

I guess for Alvin Brown Obama is just too ugly to be seen with in mixed company.

(White House 2012) Obama received a cool reception in Jacksonville, FL on Thursday, where his campaign managed to give away about 3,000 tickets to bring a crowd into the smaller venue in town.  Also in attendance were protestors from several GOP groups.  One notable absence was Democrat mayor Alvin Brown.  This is the second Obama appearance he has been out of town for.

Jacksonville is an important swing city in a very important swing state.  Last time around, Obama drew a crowd of 9,000 at the Veterans Memorial.  It was the day before the election and Obama mistakenly thought he was in OhioKeep Reading

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