Obama You Didn’t Say ‘You Didn’t Build That’ First

When you have been blogging for five or six years you run into all kind of nut-jobs. Plus, you learn how to backtrack these nut-jobs and trolls to the bridges that they hide under. This is how I first ran into Obama’s “you didn’t build that” stupidity.

I traced a liberal troll back to a commie liberal site called leftake.com. On the site, and in the comment boxes, these people where saying almost exactly what Obama said a few days ago. The only thing is it was about three years before Obama said it. The site is shutdown now, and has been replaced by an equally stupid site called leftaction.com. But that is irreverent.

My point is that these people are not all that bright. They repeat the same brain-dead nonsense, mindlessly, over and over again. So the chances are good that this statement came directly from the “Communist Part USA” site or the equivalent. They all get their talking points either directly or indirectly out the same playbook.

If someone has the time, I would be willing to bet that with a little research that they can find almost verbatim what Obama said and source it back to the “The Communist Party USA.”

‘He didn’t say that’ without some help!

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2 Responses to Obama You Didn’t Say ‘You Didn’t Build That’ First

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Obama recycled “Forward” from the Party archives … an Obama speech is virtually indistinguishable from the speeches of anyone in the CPUSA. The man is a Red, there’s no doubt about it.

  2. Pad Dar says:

    We need to back these idiots up, 41 in WORD/storage.

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