Campaign Releases Cute Old Obama Family Photo For ‘Barack’s Birthday’ Contest

The chick that blogs these photos is a hapless moonbat, brainwashed in the politically correct nonsense that is liberalism. I am afraid that she is too far gone to be reached.

While European countries fail and fall due to the massive dept caused by socialism, America still stands. People like her seem blinded to these very simple facts; they are almost trance like.

(Obama Foodorama) A Monday e-mail from campaign headquarters wooing $3 entries for the ‘Barack’s Birthday’ fundraising contest included this adorable photo of a pre-presidential Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and their two young daughters celebrating Mr. Obama’s 43 birthday in 2004. “Warning: This Picture is Cute” read the subject line… Keep Reading

Why someone would want to fundamentally change the greatest country the world has ever known to mirror these failures is beyond my comprehension.


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