“It Take A Village” Idiot Meets The “You Didn’t Build That . . . ” Czar

Well Hillary, a village raised Obama: Uncle Frank the commie, Rev. “God damn America, and an endless parade of hippies and Marxist in and out of his mother’s — house?

How did the village do? It created a world class idiot!


(Waznmentobe) Hillary Clinton and her bastardizing of parental responsibilities, was her ingenious idea of how to transform the fabric of our society. Hillary’s “It Takes a Village” concept is her vision of ‘parents are never enough’. We must have vested government involvement in raising the proper Progressive minded, Welfare Dependent little Democrats (that would those which aren’t aborted).

Now combine that acrimonious, whacky idea with Barack Hussein Obama and his “You didn’t build it on your own . . . ” ideology of “fundamentally changing”, or Socializing, America… Keep Reading

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