This guy at WND is a genius! He has absoposilutly come up with the best way to irritate the homos on the left.

I say load those Boy Scouts up by the truck loads, haul them down for a good old Chick-fil-A sam-itch, and then say a good long prayer before digging in.


(WND) In the wake the Penn State scandal surrounding Jerry Sandusky’s homosexual assault on Chick-fil-Adozens of young boys, the Boy Scouts of America moved to protect children by re-affirming its prohibition against scoutmasters who live a homosexual lifestyle. Although they didn’t expressly indicate that Penn State influenced their decision, there can be little doubt it did.

As with the Chick-fil-A debacle, libs lost their collective noodle. Apparently the only thing they hate more than Chick-fil-A is a “morally straight” 12-year-old who strives for integrity and merit.

So here’s my proposal: Don’t let a bunch of uber-obnoxious, loud-mouthed liberal pansies intimidate you. They’re nothing but a wet paper tiger. On Wednesday, Aug. 1, have your kids wear their Boy Scout uniforms to Chick-fil-A. Scoutmasters, bring ‘em all.

There’s still time to reverse America’s spiral down the moral toilet bowl of history. On Aug. 1, even if you don’t eat fast food, buy Chick-fil-A anyway. Then give it to some homeless guy and claim it as a tax deduction.

That’ll really make ‘em squirm… Keep Reading

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  • http://impolitecanadian.blogspot.ca/ Impolite Canadian

    LMAO!! That’s rich man. A million dollar idea! Chick-Fil-A should name one of their sam-itch ”The conservative”