Jewish Group releases powerful ad against Pres Obama “O Jerusalem”

Has the American Jew started to wake up? I hope so. I hope they are starting to see Obama for what he is.

Yesterday Mark Levin pointed out the antisemitic  Obama administration has made a policy change regarding Israel. They will no longer say that Jerusalem is it’s Capitol!!!


The Obama administration hates Jews and he wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth. He shares the same sentiments as Iran.

And the exact same position as his late communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis.


What a waste that would be!

Video Here

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One Response to Jewish Group releases powerful ad against Pres Obama “O Jerusalem”

  1. conservativeBC says:

    What makes you think I am not black? Or married to a black person? Your racist presuppositions?

    I worked my but off for Herman Cain, and I voted for JC Watts ever time I got the chance.

    I love black people, but I hate Marxist, Communist bastards who hate America — like Obama.

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