Let’s Move: Mooch Obama Shows Her A$$ At Olympics

The classy Mrs. Samantha Cameron, and the assy Mooch having a nice light tea time brunch?

Yea right! You can bet that the first yeti, inhaled at least three double meat cheeseburgers before darkening the doors of the sit-down.


Can you imagine the eye rolling that took place when the Mooch waddled her cottage cheese butt out of the room?

And the tennis match:

“Let’s not shift your ass too fast, or else your will collapse the bleachers!”

(Obama Foodorama) First Lady meets with Mrs. Samantha Cameron, cheers on Serena Williams… Click Here For More Mooch

Click here for the ultimate (but still growing) collection of pictures of the Mooch’s lard butt.

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"That's baseball, and it's my game. Y' know, you take your worries to the game, and you leave 'em there. You yell like crazy for your guys. It's good for your lungs, gives you a lift, and nobody calls the cops. Pretty girls, lots of 'em."
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10 Responses to Let’s Move: Mooch Obama Shows Her A$$ At Olympics

  1. Questionman says:

    I know. Black people make you people sick right…Yes they do!
    I support Israel,
    That’s funny. I, a liberal, support the United States and ONLY the United States. Who’s the real patriot again?
    The infatuation and lockstep loyalty to Israel that comes from the right is disturbing. In fact, your loyalty to the United States is suspect. In conservative circles, criticism of the United States is begrudgingly tolerated, but absolutely no criticism of Israel can exist. Get a clue cons: You live in America, not Israel. You can’t serve two masters. You people are a disgrace – America knows it, and now the world knows it. Obama doesn’t hate jews, yo hate muslims and project your hatred of muslims onto Obama, which is pathetic!  Anyone who believes Obama is a “communist” obviously knows nothing about communism or any other form of government.

    Pathetic. He is not anywhere near a marxist. Its just another insulting description that rigt wing nut jobs pin on him because they dont really understand what Marxism was… But since the right wing is hyping their completely false “Obama hates America” meme like angry weasels, this is a welcome answer to these deranged claims — full of facts and details about Obama’s record, and testimonials from Israeli figures. this son of an African father and white mother is a racist?? No. YOU scumbags are the real racists! The proof is in the pudding! It’s just a trick, making people believe he is a Muslim. He does not share most beliefs with Muslims. He’s a leftist. So, in some cases he is sympathetic to Muslims, but he is nowhere as conservative as he would be if he was Muslim. Do you think he would have some out supporting same-sex marriage if he was a Muslim? Don’t fall for the trick.

    • conservativeBC says:

      Obama hates America, hates Jews, is a Marxists, his mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a Marxist and a member of the Communist party (look it up), he is ruining our economy, his debt is 10 times more than Bush’s and he has only been in 3 1/2 years, he uses a teleprompter to take to 6th graders.

      He has made an ass out of the presidency, himself and now he has made one out of you.

      • lol_bipartisans says:

        He’s just following in Bush’s footsteps, trying to make right all the shit Bush did. Bush did it in Texas and he fucked up the nation. Well, let’s not pin it all on Bush, he was just a puppet for the inbred conservatives that feed the shitty bipartisan system decaying America has. This website is great entertainment for me, none of it is serious, and it just proves how shitty this country really is. I had large hopes for future gain and progress coming out of Clinton in the 90′s but damn, I had hoped in 2010 we’d have flying cars and shit but thanks to the budget and government system where one side would rather be right and just hate the other side and locks the country in a state of horrifying staleness, we don’t even have a space program anymore. The price of all this political bullshit is progress of America. We used to be the greatest nation on the planet and now we’re just scum. Nice blog though, almost as credible as fox news, almost. Equally as funny though so plus points there. I’m also excited to see how a conservative handles internet security. 

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  4. That horse is lucky he’s wearing blinders. Yikes!

    • conservativeBC says:

      I have read your blog for a while now, but I didn’t realize you were so cute until I saw your pic here.

      Hey I guess that proves Russell Brand wrong.

  5. Wow. I think the people who dress her secretly hate her, otherwise they’d advise her to wear a long shirt or jacket to cover that hideous thing, and they’d at least tell her to stay away from high waisted pants which even normal people’s butts look bad in – never mind a one that is horse-like both in shape and size! 

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