The Real NFL Crisis

The NFL Life Line was launched this week.  It’s a crisis line for current and former players and their families to call if a “need” should arise.  It was developed after the suicide of NFL great, Junior Seau.

While I’m sympathetic to Mr. Seau and the entire Seau family, I just don’t understand the need for this.  Perhaps instead of a crisis line we can teach these “men” how to act like men.  I propose a six-week course offering the following lessons:

“Groupies and Condoms, You’re Not Doing It Right”

“Don’t Hit Your Mama”

“Marijuana Laws and You” (Required for the Detroit Lions)

“How To Carry a Loaded Weapon”

“Money Management 101 or Things You Should Have Been Taught Years Ago”

“Don’t Drink and Drive..Duh”

These are among the most elite athletes in the US.  Men would kill to be in the NFL.  It’s a coveted life.  It’s a life born of hard work, determination, and a skill set that just cannot be taught.  Perhaps if we spent more time reminding these guys that their God-given talents will be squandered by the groupies, the hangers-on.  Drunk driving, beating up your baby mama, gun offenses…when did this behavior become the norm among players?  Mr. Goodell, teach your players to live like men. (Since they aren’t learning it before they get here).  A crisis line would be unneccessary for 90% of your players, current and former.

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