Crooks With Guns, Black On White Violence, And Another Pretty Young White Girl Dead

The liberals in the media are deliberately hiding the black on white mob violence, and the individual black on white murders that has hit record levels during Obama’s post racial presidency.

How many people are going to have to die before they admit that a lot these killings are happening because of Obama’s race baiting? Obama has embolden the haters to the point that they actually feel justified in slaughtering innocent people.

Three things to me stick out in this story:

1. The only one armed here was the murder. Is anyone dumb enough to believe that this criminal bought this gun legally? If they had been armed, could they have prevented the killing?

2. This is most likely a case of a white person being caught in the wrong part of town, not gang related mistaken identity, as reported. Doubt that? Then I challenge you to walk your white butt through this area at midnight.

3. Why are the liberal media not blasting this story continuously?


“Kayla Ferrante was murdered May 26 when Tulsa Police say someone with a high-powered rifle fired into a car being driven by her boyfriend.

Ferrante graduated from Memorial High School the night before she was gunned down.

Tulsa police said it was a huge team effort that led to Daniels’ arrest. A break in the case came last week after three men broke into a home and stole an ATM card and two vehicles, police said”… Read Story

Be careful not to make any wrong turns.

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3 Responses to Crooks With Guns, Black On White Violence, And Another Pretty Young White Girl Dead

  1. Pad Dar says:

    41..if whites were doing this to black people, I would be just as angry.

  2. Pad Dar says:

    Its OUT of control. And very sad. She was so pretty :(

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