This Couldn’t Possibly Be a Set-up!

Bisexual and a non-Christian?  What better place to work than the Salvation Army!  An even better idea is to get hired and THEN tell them.


A woman says her sexual orientation is the reason she was fired by the Salvation Army in Burlington. The organization did not confirm that, but tells ABC 22 that Dani Morantez’s beliefs are not in line with their mission.

Dani Morantez is accusing the Salvation Army of firing her for being bisexual. She was there for only two months, well within her probationary period… but she says her termination came far too quickly after revealing her sexual orientation.

“I believe the reason I was fired was for my sexual orientation,” Morantez said.

Morantez was a Salvation Army case worker, for her it was a dream job. “I’ve always been interested in helping marginalized populations,” she said.

And for the non-Christian bisexual, working for the faith based Salvation Army didn’t matter, until she read the fine print.

“It actually said we can not hire or fire you based on your sexual orientation and then it said, however and that word scared me,” Morantez said.

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She signed the handbook anyway, but days later wrote a letter to her supervisors revealing her sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

Perhaps next she can get apply for a position at a meatpacking plant and then claim religious intolerance as a Muslim.  Oh wait…already been done.

My advice to you, Ms. Morantez, is clear, concise, and to the point.  Suck it up, cupcake.  Life isn’t fair.  Life isn’t easy.  Life doesn’t care if you like girls and boys equally.  Shut up, work, and pay your bills.  Quit looking for the easy way out via bogus employment then equally bogus lawsuit to prove some deep social point that 90% of America just doesn’t give a shit about.

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