Field & Stream Magazine Goes Full Environmental Moonbat

When an outdoor magazine starts quoting junk science from the communist sympathetic LA times, it is time to delete an old bookmark and move on.

I never thought I would see the day, but not only has Field & Stream bought into the global warming myth, but the are printing the regurgitated and debunked Ozone hole fanticy of the mentally unstable environmental wackos.

How can you take hunting advice from writers who think the world is flat?


Goodbye Field & Stream…

(Field & Stream) Worldwide skin cancer rates are skyrocketing, so it is a very, very good idea to start covering up and using sunscreen, lots of sunscreen, when you’re out fishing. Just how bad is it? It’s so bad even the damn fish are getting skin cancer. No, really…

From this story in the LA Times: If you’re still skeptical that a tan can be dangerous, consider this: Scientists have found that wild fish are getting skin cancer from ultraviolet radiation. Approximately 15% of coral trout in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef had cancerous lesions on their scales. In that regard, they resemble Australians who live on land —2 in 3 people who live down under will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70, the highest rate in the world. It’s probably no coincidence that Australia is under the Earth’s biggest hole in the ozone layer…  Read Story

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One Response to Field & Stream Magazine Goes Full Environmental Moonbat

  1. Rick Lakehomer says:

    There is no accounting for such stupidity as F&S and going environazi.

    F&S is going the way of newsweek and time. I gave up on this rag some time ago.

    Excellent post BC and may have to steal this one for later on.

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