Romney Responds to Reid’s Wild Tax Claim: ‘I Have Paid Taxes Every Year — and a lot of Taxes’

(TheBlaze/AP) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he has “paid taxes every year — and a lot of taxes.”

Romney on Friday rejected claims by Harry Reid, the Democratic leader of the Senate, and other Democrats that Romney has used loopholes to avoid paying taxes for a decade on his income.

Campaigning in Reid’s home state of Nevada, Romney told reporters at a presser those claims are “patently, simply false.” He said Reid needs to stop spreading rumors.

“And by the way Harry, I understand what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to deflect the fact that jobs numbers are bad, that Americans are out of work, and you‘re trying to throw anything up on the screen that will grab attention away from the fact that the policies of the White House haven’t worked,” Romney continued. “So, Harry Reid is simply wrong.”

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