Humpback Rebel: Greatest Fishing Plug Ever Made, Makes A Comeback

In the 70s everyone had a tackle box full the wonderful little crackbaits in various colors. With their shallow running depth, they were absolutely the perfect bait for fishing farm ponds and creeks.

Reel them slow, or let them rise to mimic a grasshopper flopping on the top of the water. They were devastating. I would bet money that more fish have been caught with these little plugs and any other.

Then for no good reason they all but disappeared from the store shelves. For years the only place you could find them was on eBay, in the used tackle.

But now they are back!

(Bass Pro Shops) An old favorite that is still one of the best shad-imitating shallow runners on the market. Slab-sided profile, precisely angled thin lip, proven frantic wobble. Highly effective around submerged vegetation, on shallow flats and bars, and in open water where schoolie bass busting shad on the surface. 1-3/4″, 1/4 oz., dives 2-4′, equipped with super-sharp 36 trebles… Go Get You One

One new way to fish these old baits is to use them with the Carolina Rig. Walk the sinker along bottom, or let it sink and then pump it like a traditional Carolina Rig with a plastic worm. It is a brutal technique for small mouths.

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  1. Rick Lakehomer says:

    I have about ten of these and they are all old, battered plugs that have wrecked havoc on pike, walleyes, large and smallmouth bass, even Catfish a few times. I think I have five or six in unopened boxes, still sealed somewhere in my shop.

    A great plug to say the least and in my top 10 for sure.

    Ever heard of a South Bend Optic? Damn fine plug that was never appreciated and way ahead of it’s time.

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