2012 NFL Predicted Standings & Super Bowl Win Odds

I am ready for some football. It won’t be the same without Hank Jr. on Monday night, but it is still an exciting all American sport.

Better enjoy it while you can because liberals are already wanting to ban it. They would love nothing more than to replace it with the more European and third world commie sport of soccer. Stupid democrats!

But we at least we still have it for 2012, for now. Here are what some of the experts are predicting for the playoffs.

(Team Rankings) Two weeks ago we published the first version of our 2012 NFL projected records. Now that the NFL Draft is over, we’ve added some info about projected starting quarterbacks (including Andrew Luck and RG3), and made a few general optimizations to our pre-season ratings, which means the second version is ready for perusal.

We’ve simulated the schedule thousands of times in order to predict win totals and playoff odds every NFL team. The 2011 version of these projections had good results, and this model should be even a little better.

The big picture generally looks the same as our first round of estimates, but there was a bit of movement. Here are a few notable teams whose projections have shifted the most… See The Predictions

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