U.S. Police Allow Muslims To ‘Stone’ Christians At Public Event

I don’t know how this video got past me. It happened a few months ago, but it is shocking nonetheless.

It’s context is a little confusing, but one thing is for sure. The Muslims are defiantly chucking objects at the Christians making the film, and the police are doing nothing about it.

Is this really happening here in America?

(Freedom Outpost) Ok, for those who still think Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, take a look at this year’s Muslim Arab Festival. This went on in America people! It happened in Dearborn, Michigan. Notice how the police see the quiet restrained Christians as a threat to public safety, while the bratty little Muslim kids assault them with milk crates, glass bottles, eggs and whatever they can find.

The police are complicit in the behavior of the Muslims at the festival. They encourage their rioting and their provocation.

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