Hundreds Of Tanks Move Through Burbank: “Holy Shit, Dude! This Is The Weirdest F-ING Thing I’ve Ever Seen!”

There is really no way for me to confirm that the date given on the video is correct. I did several Google searches, and could not find anything close to a duplicate.

Conspiracy theory? Probably a 99.99 % chance.

(Video Description) HUNDREDS OF TANKS MOVING IN CALIFORNIA COMING THROUGH BURBANK AND THEY ARE NOT IN DESERT earth coordinates 34°11’35.99″N ,118°21’28.36″W.headed towards L.A.if anyone has any other information on this and other armor movement please send me the message on my channel page thanks.good luck and keep safe.this was recorded on the morning august 6th 2012.

Warning: Graphic Language

From Conservative News Central:

“Holy Shit, Dude! This Is The Weirdest F-ING Thing I’ve Ever Seen!”

For the record, that is not our quote in the headline, but an attempt to capture the spirit of the clip’s author. It is possible the tanks are being shipped to an army base in the desert of California to be painted with camouflage, or they are being prepared for a declaration of Martial Law? You decide.

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Update: After reading this, the video above is even more alarming.

Washington Plans for War on America

(Moonbattery) Installing an ultra-left radical as Commander in Chief is having a predictable effect on the top ranks of the military. We caught a glimpse of it after the Fort Hood massacre, when former Army Chief of Staff George Casey Jr. responded by expressing his apparent primary concern, that the lunatic political correctness that allowed the bloodbath to happen might be impeded. A still more alarming effect is the shift in focus at the Pentagon from foreign enemies (communists and Islamists with whom Obama identifies) to domestic enemies (normal citizens who still believe in American values)… Read Story

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