Rush Limbaugh: Robin Hood was tea partier

He is right Obama is exactly like Prince John! Damn! The similarities are stunning. Man what a great Limbaugh parody song this would be.

(RUSHLIMBAUGH.COM) RUSH: The latest big lie the from Obama’s Truth Team is Mitt Romney wants to raise taxes on Americans while Obama wants to cut taxes. That’s the latest big lie. And they’re basing this ludicrous claim on a study that was written by an Obama supporter who was a senior economist for public finance and tax policy for Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. They’re trying to make this thing stick, folks, by calling Romney “Romney Hood.” They’ve got ads. They’ve got all their talk-meisters out spreading that word. Romney is Romney Hood. The only problem is everybody misunderstands the Robin Hood story… Read the full story

But not in Obamaham:

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Conservative and Proud

And don’t forget this one – Bugs the Tea Partier:

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  1. conservativeBC says:

    HA! Rabbit Hood – I had forgot about that one. 

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