Romney Camp Calls Part Of Ryan’s Budget Plan An Unnecessary And Ill-Advised Proposal

If  you are looking for the hot button topic of  tomorrow, you need look no further than this looming disaster for the conservative cause. If Romney picks Ryan, they are both going to need to clear of this issue.

Ryan’s failed budget proposal, might not seem like much of an issue or old news until you realize that it is playing into a current attack that Obama has launched behind the scenes.

This about a current attack being waged by Obama that is post Bain Capital.

( And although Mitt Romney never endorsed the draft consideration on the railroad retirement, the unnecessary and ill-advised proposal would not have reduced benefits once they kick in, but only would have been to hold the retirement to 62 and older, as social security currently does, verses allowing full retirements at 60 for those with 30 plus years in, as the tier I benefits currently allow. The unions are spreading big, false rumors based on innuendo and congress proposing in a draft to consider a much more minor change than combining the railroad retirement with social security and removing all the tier II benefits (which probably would be illegal and impossible to achieve anyway). If Mitt Romney were ever to try to reform the railroad retirement, it would be for the same purpose (of saving the retirement, which is unnecessary at this point)… Keep Reading

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2 Responses to Romney Camp Calls Part Of Ryan’s Budget Plan An Unnecessary And Ill-Advised Proposal

  1. k says:

    that is very old news Romney has been fine with the Ryan budget for a long time .. as the liberals like to call it …. HE EVOLVED

    • conservativeBC says:

      You are so out of context on this that you are not even making sense. Follow the link so that you will know more about what going on.

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