Paul Ryan Kills A Jake

I am glad Ryan is an outdoors type guy and all,  but this is a freaking Jake. It is like bragging about having a three inch pecker. The raised fan feathers in the middle give it away. It is a baby.

Here is what a gobbler fan looks like. Notice that the tail feathers are all the same length.

But I have to admit that he redeemed himself with this picture. This is a dang nice buck.

Okay, Ryan is no Ben Rogers Lee, but he is still damn sight more outdoorsy than this POS dope head.


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"That's baseball, and it's my game. Y' know, you take your worries to the game, and you leave 'em there. You yell like crazy for your guys. It's good for your lungs, gives you a lift, and nobody calls the cops. Pretty girls, lots of 'em."
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