Hey Our Anti-Obama Road Signs Video Is Taking Off

Thanks IMAO for the link: (Viewer #2,765)

It is a pretty good video, but I still my mad Mooch video a little better.

Tribute To Mooch, The Mad Black Women

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"That's baseball, and it's my game. Y' know, you take your worries to the game, and you leave 'em there. You yell like crazy for your guys. It's good for your lungs, gives you a lift, and nobody calls the cops. Pretty girls, lots of 'em."
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  • http://www.imao.us/ Harvey

    I saw the “Im41″ tag at the end and I wanted to give you a credit link, but I couldn’t find the entry here where the video was originally posted.

    If you have that handy, please send to harvolson-at-gmail.com and I’ll update.

    • conservativeBC

      im41.com is fine, and thanks