Disappointed In Some Conservative Bloggers

For the bloggers who think you are protecting Ryan by ignoring this, you are sadly mistaken. You are just enabling the left to propagandize a couple of million voters without a conservative rebuttal.

If you stay true to your conservatism Paul Ryan’s stance on this issue will offend you. Hell even Mittens said it was ill-advised.

The liberal media will ignore it, because the unions have been reaching these people for months. And conservatives are afraid of hurting Ryan. This is exactly what Obama wants. Your silence.


HT to BigFurHat for having conservative balls.

Teaparty Patriots are leaving Paul Ryan: conservatives are leaving screw you notes on his FB page, life long conservatives are vowing to vote for Obama, and the only one who has the balls to run this story is BigFurHat. He never said he agreed, but he was not afraid to put it out there.

Since I brought this issue up, it has been a monster for a site this size. One thread with over 5000 hits in three days is unheard of.

The passion behind this issue is alarming. Do some Googleing and you will see what I mean.

It is rumbling just under the surface, and it is going to blow up and bite the Romney/Ryan ticket in the ass.

If conservative bloggers don’t have the balls to call Ryan out on this.

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