Stephanie Cutter: Listen-Up Niggers, Conservatives Are Racist

This is what liberals are saying…

Biden: Take your butts down and vote for Obama because that teaparty is racist. And then hurry back to the community organized projects and your check will be on it’s way. This time we promise!

Stephanie Cutter: Remember to have your pets spayed or neutered at the local Planned Parenthood.

If they can give their opinion of what I am “really saying,” I can interpret what I believe they are “really” saying as well.


Cutter: ‘We’re Fine With’ Biden Saying Republicans Want People ‘Back In Chains’ 

Speaking to a group of supporters in Virginia on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden said that Republicans “want to put ya’ll back in chains.” Mitt Romney‘s campaign responded with outrage and said that the Vice President’s comments “are not acceptable in our political discourse.” The Obama campaign’s Stephanie Cutter was asked about those comments and said that she felt the Romney camp’s outrage was disingenuous. She went on to say that President Barack Obama’s campaign has no problem with Biden’s comments… Keep Reading

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