Obama Corn-Hodes The Homosexuals: Sends The Broke And Hungry To Chick-Fil-A!

Corn corn corn was last week’s topic at comrade Obama’s useful idiot site Obama Foodorama.

I kept asking myself: Why is corn important enough to cause them to take a break from their usual homosexual fantasy pieces on Kass the food czar? Then The Lonely Conservative clued me in.

He is jacking up the price of the corn eating cows in a moonbat attempt to keep fuel prices down before the election The high beef prices will cause a massive sell-off, which in turn will save more corn for ethanol.

But an unintended result will be that higher beef prices will cause people to…


(Obama Foodorama) Newly announced federal meat purchase is far more than “a few strips of bacon,” President says… On the first day of his bus tour through Iowa, President Obama on Monday afternoon visited a 2,200 acre farm owned by the McIntosh family in Missouri Valley, meeting with the four brothers who are the farmer/owners: Dean, Don, Richard and Roger McIntosh. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack accompanied the President as the farmers showed their withered corn crop. Read Story


(The Lonely Conservative) Why is the Government Buying So Much Meat?

The other day I heard that the federal government is buying up a whole bunch of meat from farmers who are having a rough summer because of drought. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it until this morning when I read this editorial in The Washington Examiner. They want to inflate the price of meat to protect ethanol, which is driving up the cost of gas… Keep Reading

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