Moonbats Flip Over Nike’s “Gold Digging” Shirt

Oh, good grief. There is nothing sexist about this shirt. Let me see if I can find something a little more offensive.

(Yahoo) Nike was an official outfitter for the London Olympics this year, but we’re starting to question the brand’s team spirit. A controversial Olympics-inspired Nike t-shirt is on the market emblazoned with the phrase “Gold Digging.” Since the garment is only available for women, fashion bloggers and the Twittersphere are calling it sexist. Apparently only women–or female Olympians–are gold diggers.

Was there not another more positive, inspiring phrase Nike could have printed on these women’s tees? “Reach for the Gold,” “Go for the Gold,” or “Good as Gold,” would have gotten the point across in Nike’s trademark “Just Do It” sort of way. A gold digger is a woman out for a man’s money. In this Olympic context, a phrase like “Gold Digging” implies you don’t deserve or didn’t earn your prize, and you went about obtaining it in a deceitful or unsportsmanlike way. The American women at the Olympics this year worked hard for their medals, and took home twice as many golds as their male counterparts… Read Story

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