Okie Businessman Erects Sign: “Obama Can Kiss Our A$$!”



The Gateway Pundit:

A sign in Broken Arrow is raising some eyebrows.

A business owner is showing his disapproval of the President.

The sign is hanging next to Additive Systems, Inc. on Main Street in B.A.


It says “‘We’ built this business without gov’t. help. Obama can kiss our a**.”

It goes on to say, “I’m Bob Roggendorff and I approve this message.”

While our crew was on scene, a man pulled over just to get a picture of it.

“I was just driving by, saw it, kind of stuck out, figured I might as well take a picture for myself,” says John. “It’s pro-American, anti-Obama.” Keep Reading

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3 Responses to Okie Businessman Erects Sign: “Obama Can Kiss Our A$$!”

  1. DawninCFL says:

    I’m in Florida and I approve his message!

  2. Woodsterman says:

    Love it … Keep up the good work without government.

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