Outdoor Life Magazine Gives Paul Ryan A Thumb’s Up

Those who read this blog know that I recently put Field & Stream on the im41 blacklist for embracing the moonbat left by running wacko enviro liberal/commie junk science from the LA Times.

But the good folks at Outdoor Life have taken up the slack by not only giving Ryan some love, but also by irritating the feminist by posting an outstanding photo tribute to “fishing babes.”

Field & Stream is toast.


(Outdoor Life) Like it or not, as the 2012 presidential race marches on toward November, we’re going to learn a lot about the candidates’ personal lives. They’ll try to hide their blemishes and highlight their strengths.

While there’s a lot to learn about the newest man to the race, Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), one thing is for sure: he’s not hiding the fact that he’s a hunter. Ryan, 42, has the buck photo above posted on his Facebook page. He posted it during the middle of the Wisconsin gun deer season with a note saying “I hope you and your family are having a happy Thanksgiving.” The news release announcing Ryan as the new republican vice-presidential candidate states that Ryan is an “an avid outdoorsman” and a member of “his local archery association, the Janesville Bowmen.”

In 2011, Ryan was quoted by the New York Times saying:”What I look forward to reading the most is Quality Whitetails Journal. It’s from the Quality Deer Management Association and gives insight on deer biology and habitat stewardship. I was planting clover this past weekend at my mom’s place in a rural part of Wisconsin. Yes, deer like to eat clover.” Read Story

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