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These hog catch-dogs are ferocious in a fight. They can grab a 400 lb wild boar by the face and keep it from running off. People around here use a cross between a pitbull and a mountain cur.

I am sure they are lovable pets, but you don’t want one of these dogs running feral around cattle or your kids.

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  1. Rick Lakehomer says:

    Used to run hounds for javelina and feral pigs, the later are now becoming a serious problem here in parts of Central Oregon. Good dogs are critical and it was rare that one of mine got slashed by a stinkin’ pig. Wherever feral pigs are, they wreck the land, crops, habitat etc. and they need to be controlled if possible (very hard to do) or eradicated.

    May steal if I have if I am up late enough and thanks, BC. You have some of the best posts!

    • conservativeBC says:

      I have killed a few while deer hunting, but I have never hunted them with dogs — it looks fun.

      The trouble around here is that people keep turning them loose (crossed with Russian Boar) and they are taking over. Now the panthers have moved in to eat the little pigs.

      You steal away,  and thanks.

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