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This is a thank you to all of the conservative bloggers, tweeters, Facebook warriors and the email bandits that have worked so hard and so long to take back our country. You know who you are.

I started an outdoors blog in 2006. I had always wanted  to see if I could write stories as funny and entertaining as my favorite writer, Outdoor Life’s Patrick McManus. But I deleted that blog when our country was being highjacked in 2008, and started trying to be a conservative blogger to help prevent it — I guess I failed.

So in the middle of the election I started Conservative Blogs Central with the naive notion of getting all of the conservative blogs together so that everyone could read them. See I thought at the time that there were very few of us — that I was practically alone.

I believed that I was one of small group of concerned citizens who was working day and night to get rid of the “socialist nightmare” that had gained control of our country.

I placed an “Add Your Blog Here” link on CBC and proceeded to add a screenshot plus the RSS feed of any conservative blogger who asked. By the end of 2009 I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t continue this endeavor and still hold down a job. There were just too many blogs popping up to stay ahead of them. A couple of people volunteered to help and I continued on, thrilled that I was still losing ground. At that point I knew that something historic was about to happen.

Since I already had the screenshots I decided to make a movie out of them, just to celebrate the victory I knew was coming.

Now I know that I could have never finished the job I originally started. We don’t have a few hundred bloggers out there fighting, we have a few hundred thousand. I am proud to have played a small part in such a historic time in the history of our country.

Now we just have one more race to win, one more hill to climb, and then maybe we can all take a break.

Thank You


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