Man fights off cougar attacking his kid with a knife!

You would think from listing to liberals that man’s encroachment onto the habitat of these large cats is making their numbers shrink rapidly. But actually their numbers are either the same, or in some cases even greater than they were ten years ago.

I blame it on the feral hog population explosion giving them plenty of pork to eat. But that is just me; I really can’t back that up with data.

(The Cutting Edge) With little warning, the cougar lunged at the small boy and clamped down on his face. Seeing your child on the ground with a cougar mauling his face is probably unimaginatively frightening. It’s this point when the fear and shock could be too debilitating to help. Even a few seconds in the grasp of a hungry cougar is life-threatening.

But, without hesitation, Rivers’ father Jason Hobbs sprung into action, pulled out his knife and stabbed the beast in the chest. The animal immediately let go and skulked away… Keep Reading

I do know for sure that I wouldn’t want to find myself on the business end of one of these kitty cats with just a pocket knife. Have you ever tried to give a house cat a bath?

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