Cher Please Sing America The Beautiful

If that is all it would take to get rid of this old commie bitch, then sing it baby. The Japs who died  in Word War II had more respect for America than this hussy.

Do the world a favor.

(Twitchy) Cher has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t even want to breathe the same Mormon-cootie air as “spineless racist” Mitt Romney  and his “racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters.” A dream about Romney winning the election once brought her to tears.

Today the unhinged diva admitted she shares something in common with the “whitest man in magic underwear“  they’re both — gasp! — wealthy!

But please don’t take that to mean Cher is one of those icky patriots. The “bubble” she occupies doesn’t stand for that sort of nonsense. Cher would rather kill herself than suffer through a single verse of “America the Beautiful.”

Not that anyone was asking her to sing it.

If the outspoken Obama supporter would rather die than subject herself to a few lines of “America the Beautiful,” perhaps she should use some of those detestable 1% dollars to buy herself a ticket to a better country. Good luck finding one, Cher.

The long list of Sher ditshittery: Here

In case she needs to remember how it goes:

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2 Responses to Cher Please Sing America The Beautiful

  1. Rick Lakehomer says:

     I hope the next nightmare offs her commie hateful ass. I hated this c–t when I was a lot younger and hate her even more so now. Just like jane  commie c–t fonda, roseanne douche bag barr and the rest of bitches and emasculated queer bait faggotted men who hate the United States and are offended by AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM.

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