Potential World Record Striped Bass Rejected by Fish and Game, Angler Loses $1 Million

Even a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work, especially when you are not just fishing, you’re catching. Catching a monster like this takes that to a whole other  nuther level.

(Outdoor Life) Rodney Ply thought he had caught the world record landlocked striped bass and won $1 million until the state wouldn’t certify his catch and the IGFA rejected his record. Scott Yorko interviewed Ply to get the story.

When Rodney Ply got a call from his friend Chad Whited on the morning of Feb. 18 to go fishing on Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas, he politely declined. Thirty minutes later, Whited’s truck was in his driveway and Whited was hooking up Ply’s 18’6″ 175 Starfire with a 150 pro-v Yamaha engine.

Looking back, it’s hard to say if it would have been better for Ply to stay home that day. On one hand, he ended up catching a massive striped bass weighing 68 pounds that could have broken the landlocked record. On the other hand, catching that fish and the chaos that followed caused Ply to go through the heartbreak of losing out on $1 million… Read Story

When you are not just fishing and catching, but breaking world records you have the potential opportunity of telling that boss of yours to go jump in a lake and to take up fishing full time.

Wouldn’t that be nice? That’s what makes this story so sad.

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